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Bitcoin isn't the only popular cryptocurrency on the market. Here are the best alternatives suggested by crypto market platform Cryptopanic!

Which are Cryptopanic’s Top Alternatives in 2022

With cryptocurrency-related news being made available every day, this is possible with the help of aggregation tools such as Cryptopanic, with investors becoming crypto supporters even easier as they avoid drowning in more information. 

Cryptopanic has established itself as a popular tool that aims to organize all the latest cryptocurrency news in a way that is far more readable than looking at each news source separately. 

Cryptopanic is an extremely powerful platform, however, this tool is not necessarily good for everyone. To know more about bitcoin trading you can check how bitcoin day trading picks the best crypto exchange.

cryptopanic alternatives

Crypto Pro

The very first tool is Crypto Pro, it offers much more than news aggregation. Crypto Pro delivers the news component well through the mobile app, which enables easy updates. The news section in Crypto Pro is extremely easy to navigate and brings you relevant industry updates. 

The Crypto Pro platform is designed keeping in mind the traders involved with crypto, which helps in providing information to the traders as compared to other applications along with some useful tools.

cryptopanic alternatives

Crypto Control

Through Crypto Control, cryptocurrency traders get an all-inclusive solution. There is also a news aggregator and a social aggregator on the Crypto Control platform, which can compile all the top community-generated content on Reddit and Twitter. 

While the interface is a bit bulky compared to most of the options on this list, it offers more available information to make up for its lack of style. Notable features of the Crypto Control platform that come from its trading terminal. 

Users can use the trading terminal to complete arbitrage trades across various exchanges. Advanced trading techniques are a great way for traders who benefit from the price differentials available on the many different cryptocurrency exchanges.

cryptopanic alternatives


Compared to cryptocurrency news aggregators, Coinlib simply offers a more inclusive service. The site includes features such as portfolio tracking options, charts, personalized coins, and data price alerts. Coinlib does a great job of offering these features to the users in a live way, at no charge. 

Coinlib provides all the features with the best value explorer tool. This allows traders from different exchanges to find the best price information for a particular digital asset. This tool is helpful for traders who are looking for places to buy digital assets at the lowest prices on the market or want to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.

cryptopanic alternatives


The FAWS platform is capable of providing a lot of features to the users like a few platforms. Including news such as a coin price check, portfolio tracking, and coin price alerts. These features offer an all-inclusive trading solution for traders to take advantage of the constantly fluctuating cryptocurrency markets, making it even easier for traders. 

In addition, the FAWS platform is also fully capable of sourcing news. Aggregates over 30 news stories from crypto news outlets. This makes it fully capable of providing solutions for cryptocurrency traders.

cryptopanic alternatives

Final thoughts

In this blog, we have told you about some of the best options associated with Cryptopanic. We also discussed how using the all-powerful aggregation tool will allow you to analyze the entire cryptocurrency market and help you identify trends in the best position to spot them. 

We are sure that you will choose one of the features mentioned by us and you will find this the best way to analyze it. Also which cryptocurrency aggregation and tool for you is going to be quite suitable for your content consumption style as well as all those needs.

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