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You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for tech blogs to keep you informed on the latest hardware, software, and everything in between.

1.     Wired

It is a tremendously popular publication that Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe founded in 1993 and is good at giving its readers some genuine insights into the world of technology.

It is thorough, well-informed, and devotes its pieces in an engaging manner to contemporary living and the technological sector.

2.     techblitz

One of the most well-known blogs is techblitz, which was established in 2019. You may read up on news, new tech products, developing trends in tech, and anything else that has to do with technology.

3.     Recode

Recode, which was established in 2014 by Kara Swisher and is currently owned by VOX media, provides critical updates on technology news as well as trends that you may examine. It discusses how the tech industry is always evolving and places a special emphasis on Silicon Valley businesses.

4.     Mashable

Mashable is a center for tech entertainment and, thanks to its proprietary software, it’s also a terrific location to learn about digital culture. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular technology blogs right now, in our opinion.

5.     CNET

The best aspect of CNET, which was founded in 1994 by Shelby Bonnie and Halsey Minor, is that it can provide its readers with unbiased reviews so that you can make your own judgments. CNET is consistently one step ahead of the curve when it arrives to technological trends and goods.

Everything is here, from helpful guidelines to instructional videos.

6.     The Verge

This VOX media-run tech blog was established in 2011 by Marty Moe, Jim Bankoff, and Joshua Topolsky. It offers product reviews, feature pieces, and guidebooks that are all focused on the tech sector.

It provides readers with information on contemporary goods and trends, making it so much more than just a tech journal.

7.     VentureBeat

One of the most well-known tech blogs today, VentureBeat was established in 2006 by Matt Marshall. It specializes in news about transformative technology. It features a wide range of newsletters, businesses, general news, and articles about — you guessed it — tech in addition to covering breaking tech news.

8.     Slashdot

Slashdot is an established old-school tech blog that was established in 1997 by Jeff Bates and Rob Malda. This tech site is jam-packed with information about open source and security, as well as reviews of the newest devices, software, and similar trends.

9.     Gizmodo

One of the top online tech portals to follow if you want the most recent news on tech gadgets is Gizmodo, which was founded by Pete Rojas in 2001. Here, you may browse through lessons and instructions and receive an understandable explanation of everything.


Since its founding in 2004 by Pete Rojas (on a roll here), Engadget has grown from its humble beginnings as a news outlet to become a preeminent tech blog with millions of regular readers. This tech blog also allows you to access early tech writings that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Final Thoughts

Finding new information might be challenging because the tech sector is always evolving. This is why it’s crucial to keep up with the latest knowledge by reading these cutting-edge tech blogs and keeping your finger on the pulse. Cheers to reading!

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