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Top 10 Mobile Ordering App Blog Posts of 2022

Having a virtual storefront or in other words a mobile ordering app for your business enables your customers to place orders and check your menu with a tap on their smartphone. The rising popularity of mobile ordering in the food industry today has brought so many advantages to businesses in the past few years. Research shows that customers prefer using a food ordering app over ordering food in-store. However, not only restaurants and fast food kiosks have the need for a mobile ordering app. Even coffee shops and other types of stores have decided to use this type of system because it has a lot of benefits for their businesses and improves their presence online.

Mobile ordering app builder Orda ( put together a list of the top 10 mobile ordering app blog posts of 2022. 

  • How I built an app for my coffee shop?


Does your coffee business need a mobile ordering app? Probably, you have thought a lot about creating one but the fact that there are so many expenses in this process you have not tried? You should not worry anymore. Mobile app builder Orda created an easy and inexpensive way to create your very own mobile ordering app. You want to find out how? Check out the blog post about the process of building an app using an app builder online.

  • Why no-code solutions is a gamechanger for building your restaurant ordering app


Coding is not for you and you don’t have any previous experience or knowledge about it, but you want to create a mobile app for your business? No worries! No need to hire a developer and spend a lot of money for your business to be part of the online ordering community. Now, easier than ever there are no-code solutions that will help you achieve your goal.

  • Web (weebly) and Native App (orda) -the benefits of using these platforms together


With an online platform for ordering, you create a complete sales channel for your business. That means you can use it as a tool for generating more profits and organize your business better. But having a native mobile ordering app? That’s a whole new level. With a branded mobile ordering app your business will stand out from your competitors and your customers will be satisfied with the options and service you will provide them.

  • The amazing benefits of ordering apps for coffee shops


There is a huge list of benefits that coffee shop owners have with creating their very own mobile ordering app. What’s most important is that an app can help you showcase and promote your products. You will stay connected with your customers at all times and will improve your customer’s loyalty.  Also, while promoting your app by using the social media channels, you can build a stronger brand.

  • 10 Coffee Shop Mobile App Examples: How Unique Coffee Shops Join The Trend


As mentioned above, coffee shops are taking the trend of changing the way they work and experiencing a lot of different technologies in order to have more and more satisfied customers. App builder Orda has helped more than 10,000 coffee shops to create their own mobile ordering app and some of them (such as:,, have shared their experience and advantages of having an app. You can read more about it in the following blog.

  • Roast Magazine on growing your community with a mobile ordering app


Another interesting and successful story that has been shared by Roast Magazine is the way Dev’s Coffee has grown their community with a mobile ordering app. They have created their mobile ordering app with Orda last year and they have done a great marketing campaign sharing the possibilities the app has created for their loyal customers. You can read more about how they did it in the blog post below.

  • Third-party delivery apps vs Orda


You want to know why Orda has been the choice of businesses around the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe today? It is pretty simple. Third-party delivery apps are charging high commissions but with Orda you have a commission free online ordering platform. Now, you must think that this is too good to be true but you can read more about it here and find out that Orda is the best solution for your business today. Join the Get Orda community of successful businesses with their branded commission free online ordering platforms.

  • Incentivize your customers with a loyalty app


Every business wants to attract new customers but especially to keep and motivate their loyal ones.  Today, especially in the restaurant and coffee industry, business owners create innovative loyalty programs to keep their customers and motivate them to order more of their items. These programs are used by 90% of the businesses in the USA and have shown that this is a good tactic of increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty.

  • Your quick guide to setting up your apple and google developer accounts


You want to create a mobile ordering app for your business? You have no idea where to start? Don’t worry! Check out this quick guide on how to set up an Apple Store and Google Play developer account because this is the first step of creating an app. It can be stressful and sometimes frustrating to get it all done, but once you start with the process it becomes easier. 

Choosing the right loyalty program can be a daunting task. To help your research we have created a comparison of some of the most popular loyalty programs today with their pros and cons. However, don’t hesitate to create a loyalty program for your customers. It is the most efficient way to keep your loyal customers and get new ones. 

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