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Are you struggling to get on TikTok's For You page? Check out these tips so you can give your channel the best chance of going viral!

Here’s How You Get on TikTok’s For You Page

You only can compete with a flux of people vying for a spot on the ‘For You page’ when you are mindful and strategic to make the most from TikTok. However, there is no denying that almost every TikToker aims to get on the FYP as it provides a fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness and followers. It is also the first thing a user sees when opening the TikTok app. 

Although there are no surefire ways to get on the FYP, here is a comprehensive guide shedding light on how to get on it. And how it can serve as a terrific opportunity to widen the community. 

Instagram Explore page vs TikTokForYou Page 

You may already have heard about Instagram’s Explore page. The TikTok’s ‘For you page’ works the same way with a bit of distinction! The aim of both is to show the audience the video they think you will be interested in watching. When a brand’s account manages to get on there it helps grab the attention of a wider audience. 

Since widening the audience has been the fundamental motivator, and to attract new people, businesses opt for different strategies, hire a social media marketing agency, buy TikTok followers or hire social media managers.

Collaborate with influencers

To cross-promote your account and reach a new audience, you must consider collaborating with TikTok creators. You are more likely to get an added benefit if the creators you are working with already have frequent videos on the for you page. Brands of all sizes find it necessary to make a creator collaboration a part of their TikTok marketing strategy. 

Post on peak time 

Do you want to increase the followers and engagement, find out the peak time to post in it in the first place? Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule; it is best to post the content when most of the audience is active. 

There has not a universally accepted best time to post on TikTok. Still, you can switch to a pro account to understand some remarkable statistics about the audience and when most of them are active. 

Follow trends

Although trends on TikTok come and go super quickly, you still need to hop on viral trends to increase your chance to be on the for you page. See what’s trending and incorporate it in your upcoming videos to increase the likelihood of appearing on the FYP.

Creative informative and fun videos 

No matter how consistent you are, you cannot be successful until you sprinkle some creativity! So always pay attention to creating exciting, fun videos that are relevant to the business. When you manage to do so, your content comes off as more genuine, which is a critical element on TikTok! 

Short videos are the best. 

There has been speculation among successful TikTok; the shorter are videos, the higher are the chances of your video getting on the explore page. Moreover, shorter videos also have a higher completion rate and TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes videos watched multiple times. So, the best thing is to experiment with video length and watch how it affects views, likes, comments, and followers

Use Effective hashtags

Almost every video you scroll through have hashtags in the description! Have you ever wondered why do they do so? Well, incorporating hashtags is a fantastic way to enhance the reach of the brand. 

They also categorize the content and maximize the discoverability on the platform. Scroll through the discover tap to know what hashtags are trending. Hashtags like #FYP and #foryoupage also increase the chance of your videos getting on the for you page. 

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