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The Ultimate Guide to Collecting: Top 10 Plushies from Your Favorite Games

If you are a gamer, this is a must-read for both avid gamers and passionate collectors. This comprehensive guide takes you on a thrilling journey through the world of plushie collecting, showcasing the top 12 plushies inspired by iconic video game characters.


Yoshi Plushie

Super Mario’s lovable green sidekick, Yoshi, is a timeless classic. With his adorable design and endearing personality, this plushie captures the essence of the Super Mario franchise.


Link Plushie

The hero of The Legend of Zelda series, Link, comes to life in plushie form. Complete with his iconic green tunic and Master Sword, this plushie is a treasure for Zelda enthusiasts.


Pyramid Head Plushie

Silent Hill fans will appreciate the chilling presence of Pyramid Head in plushie form. This eerie plushie embodies the haunting atmosphere of the game.


Sackboy Plushie

LittleBigPlanet’s lovable protagonist, Sackboy, encourages creativity and customization. This plushie is a whimsical addition to any collection.


Eevee Plushie

Pokémon fans rejoice! Eevee, with its multiple evolutions, has been a fan favorite for years. This plushie is a reminder of the endless possibilities within the Pokémon world.


Cheshire Cat Plushie

Inspired by the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat plushie is a conversation starter with its mischievous grin and disappearing act.


Big Daddy and Little Sister Plushies

BioShock enthusiasts will appreciate these plushies, which bring to life the iconic characters from the immersive world of Rapture.


Sonic the Hedgehog Plushie

Sonic’s vibrant blue spikes and can-do attitude have made him a beloved character for generations. This plushie embodies the spirit of speed and adventure.

Garten of Banban Plushie

Garten of Banban Plush is a merchandise line associated with the popular horror game, Garten of Banban, created by Euphoric Brothers. These plush toys are designed to resemble the eerie and mysterious characters from the game, making them perfect for fans looking to bring a piece of the virtual world into their own homes. Available in various sizes on, such as the 10-inch Garten of Banban Jumbo Josh Plushies, these stuffed toys capture the essence of the game’s dark and haunting ambiance.

Pizza Tower Plushie

Pizza Tower Plush is a delightful merchandise line associated with the highly anticipated platform game, Pizza Tower, created by indie developer Tour De Pizza. These plush toys are designed to bring to life the charming characters from the game, allowing fans to immerse themselves in its whimsical world. Whether it’s the lovable pizza chef Peppino Spaghetti or the mischievous toppings that adorn the towering pizzas, each plush toy captures the essence of the game’s vibrant and imaginative universe. offers a range of options, from small collectible plushies to huggable jumbo-sized versions. These plush toys not only serve as adorable companions but also allow fans to express their enthusiasm for the game through tangible and cuddly merchandise.

Solaire of Astora Plushie

From the challenging realm of Dark Souls, the Solaire of Astora plushie captures the essence of camaraderie and perseverance. His iconic “Praise the Sun” gesture is a symbol of triumph.

Pikachu Plushie

No plushie collection would be complete without a Pokémon, and Pikachu is the most iconic of them all. This plushie is a reminder of the electrifying adventures in the Pokémon universe.

Each of these plushies has been carefully selected for its authenticity, attention to detail, and ability to capture the spirit of the game it represents. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey, “The Ultimate Guide to Collecting: Top 10 Plushies from Your Favorite Games” is your gateway to a world where gaming meets huggable nostalgia. These plushies not only serve as collectibles but also as cherished companions that bring the magic of your favorite games into the physical realm.

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