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The Beginner’s Guide To Writing An Essay

No matter in which field you are in, excelling in writing an essay is crucial. Essay writing plays a significant role in many things. For instance, job applications, admissions, and in school or college, etc. However, most students ignore easy writing without realizing its importance. Essay writing is an essential skill that has to be gained in the early stages of learning. It is needed in every step of life, whether high school, university, or even your future career.

After learning essay writing correctly, the procedure becomes more enjoyable. Also, when you practice essay writing, you better organize and articulate your thoughts. Besides, a specific pattern needs to be followed when you start writing an essay. After keeping that pattern in practice, you get used to it, and it is easier to write in that pattern. As a result, no matter what topic, When writing an essay, it’s common to follow a specific way; no matter what subject you must register or how lengthy the article is, you can easily apply your practice and knowledge in every essay.

Furthermore, some of the basics of essay writing with valuable tips are below. You can follow these to make the writing task go smoothly.

What is An Essay?

First of all, you need to understand what an essay is. An article aims to demonstrate an idea or concept, make a case, deliver a feeling, or start a conversation or discussion. It is a procedure for placing a writer’s thinking in a non-fictional context. Moreover, it presents political manifestos, aesthetic analysis, and the author’s comments and views. Essay writing has a vast range of purposes.

Types of Essay Writing

You must know about essays and their types before learning to write one. There are many different types of essay writing. Below, we have discussed the significant categories of essay writing.

  • Narrative Essay: It tells a story or imparts information about your topic as a story.
  • Persuasive Essay: It convinces the reader about some fact or point of view.
  • Expository Essay: It explains to the reader a specific procedure step by step.
  • Descriptive Essay: It focuses on and provides excellent facts or details of your subject.
  • Argumentative Essay: Write about controversial problems or topics and give evidence in favor of your position.
  • Compare Essay: It identifies differences and similarities between the two issues. Usually, these topics are under the same umbrella.
  • Problem Solution Essay: It describes the issue and suggests a solution.
  • Informative Essay: It educates readers on a subject with facts or realities.

Format of an Essay

Let’s discuss the essay writing format. Though, we know that essay writing is a creative activity. Hence, there are no restrictions on formatting. However, a fundamental design is generally followed while writing essays. Thus, let us tell you about the fundamental format of an essay


It is the opening or introduction to your essay. In this stage, the writer makes his initial introduction to his topic here. The introductory paragraph of your article can comprise a quick explanation of your essay. In this paragraph, you have to use your paragraph writing skills. Generally, the introductory paragraph is brief, containing 5-6 lines.

You can use your creativity in plenty of ways in the introductory paragraph. By being creative in the introduction, you can entice and retain the reader’s attention. Also, you can make the whole article interesting by attracting the reader during the opening.

To make your introduction creative, you can use a proof or quotation. Also, you can start with a definition of your subject. Plus, you can create your sentence with a question to engage the audience.


The body of the essay is considered as the heart of it. After the introduction, the body of the article starts. It is the most vital part of the essay. In this part, mention the subject’s most significant and crucial details.

Besides, unlike the introductory paragraph, the body is not limited to one paragraph. In this section, you can stretch to 3 or more parts. The body length usually depends on the topic you need to write on. Generally, plenty of writing material is required in the body of an essay. However, you must carefully write down your ideas and concepts in this part.

Many writers stuff the body parts and write irrelevant details, confusing readers. Hence, remember to make points clear and concise to keep readers’ attention and interest. If it is written in a logical sequence, it will be simpler for the audience to understand the subject.


The conclusion is the final part of the essay. It is also a recap of the introduction. The prime reason for this is in the intro, you tell what you will talk about in the essay, while in the conclusion, you summarize what you have discussed in the article.


However, you need to include original words or phrases in the finale.

Also, you can reach a reasonable conclusion by deciding on an argument or a story. It is one of the best ways to summarize it. Plus, keep in mind that the intro and conclusion look different.

The Main Stages of Essay Writing


Essay writing is not just thinking about a topic or idea, putting it down on an area, and submitting it. Many students feel this way. Though, it is a lot more than this. Writing an essay ideally is not a piece of cake. There are stages or steps to follow while composing an essay. Below, we have penned down the three main stages of essay writing.


The first thing to do for starting an essay is the preparation. It is vital to ready your layout and content of the article. Firstly, decide the topic you are going to write an essay on. The second step in the preparation process is essential, the research part. Conduct as much research as you can on the decided topic. If you master the essay topic by researching adequately, writing can be way easier.


Writing is the essential skill that you need to write an essay. It plays a crucial role in essay writing. However, the writing stage is the most time-consuming. It is because, in this stage, you need to write your ideas, thoughts, and concepts. Also, in this stage, you must craft your essay according to your layout


The majority of the students need to take the revision seriously. However, reviewing your essay once or twice is required. After completing your essay, you must review or check a few things.

There are steps to revise your essay. First, you need to check if you have set your theme cohesive. It means checking if all the explained points connect and make sense. Also, check if all the facts and discussions relate to your topic. Lastly, check for grammatical, punctuation, spacing, typos, and formatting errors.

Essay Writing Tips

If you follow our guidelines, you can write an outstanding essay. We have one more thing to give you: essay writing tips. With these handy tips, you can make your essay-writing process smooth and easy.

Start your Essay Early

Starting an essay early is the best tip you can have. Starting writing an essay early can make you write a quality essay. When you have plenty of time in hand, you can think better. Good brainstorming happens when you are not pressured to finish a task quickly.

If you start early, you have a lot of time to brainstorm, research, and design your essay in the best possible ways. Also, you will have enough time to review or check your article and make corrections if needed.

Take Breaks

Writing an essay in one go can be hectic. Therefore, take short breaks while writing an essay. Complete your article in multiple sittings. Though, it is only possible when you start writing early. Taking breaks while writing an essay will relax your brain, and you will have a fresh mind every time you continue writing it. Moreover, writing after short breaks will make you focus more on your writing.

Keep the Essay Question in Mind

While writing, make sure you are connected to the question given to you. Moreover, try to use transition where it is needed. It makes the readability of your essay better. Transition in the essays makes the shift to another sentence connected.

Design Your Research Thoughtfully

Try to add quotes or citations from your research content. It will support the main points and thesis of your essay. Doing this will show that you have done excellent research and that your facts are supported.

Wrapping Up

If you follow the writing steps and format of essay writing, then it should be a manageable task. You can easily approach writing an outstanding essay using tips and correct strategies. All you need to do is learn the essay writing format, research the essay topic, and improve your writing skills.

When writing an essay, it is important to use transitional words and phrases to connect ideas and make the writing flow smoothly. One such phrase is “another way to say as a result.” This phrase can be used to indicate a cause-and-effect relationship between two ideas

After writing an essay a few times with all the techniques and tips, it will be easier to write in the future. Practice will make your essay writing process smoother and quicker.



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