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While a good looking cast isn’t the most important reason 'Sanditon' deserves more, we know it does make a difference. Here's why.

Hey Amazon: Here’s proof the entire ‘Sanditon’ cast is hot – for research

Amazon Prime UK, this article is for you! (Okay, maybe it’s also for us Sanditon fans to have a little fun with.) But since we know you – Amazon – seem to be considering giving Sanditon a shot at finishing their story & giving the characters their much deserved happily ever afters, we thought you should know more about the show and its appeal.

We have many articles on the subject, but there’s one we’ve been toeing around a little. Let’s face it – the cast is very aesthetically pleasing. And while being dressed in pre-Victorian era clothing can make it difficult to be hot instead of, say, pretty & handsome, the cast of Sanditon has achieved this on more than one occasion. (Though, Theo James did cheat a tiny bit by shedding all his clothes in one episode.)

Anyway, purely to help the research on whether or not Sanditon is worth picking up (spoiler alert: it is) we’ve put together a list of reasons why the cast is filled with nothing but gems. Very pretty gems. While a good looking cast isn’t the most important reason Sanditon deserves more, we know it does make a difference – after all that’s the CW’s whole thing.

Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood

Charlotte Heywood is a fiery character in personality and looks. She puts you at ease with her bright smile and knowing eyes, but then makes your jaw drop when she walks into the ballroom in her nicest (gold) dress.

Charlotte is the kind of protagonist which everyone falls in love with. Not only is she pretty, but she’s smart, determined, and opinionated.

Rose Williams’s Instagram account, while not directly related to the show, is also a wealth of fun pictures of the actress in fun outfits and interesting locations. Again, completely for research purposes.

Theo James as Sidney Parker

The quintessential Jane Austen love interest, Sidney Parker. His deep voice and strong jawline are enough to make anyone feel faint enough to be on the verge of swooning. Not only does his confident walk make you feel like you’re watching a fashion show, but certain parts of the internet were alight with his scandalous skinny dipping scene in Sanditon.

The scene, while now iconic to the fandom, shocked some who expected a Jane Austen adaptation to be more family friendly. (Though Jane Austen wrote about romance and scandals, so that’s a bit of a funny assumption.)

Crystal Clarke as Georgiana Lambe

Georgiana is beautiful, strong spirited, and unafraid to stand up for herself. These attributes have enraptured audiences, and caused us to desperately want a happy ending for her.

Georgiana can have an absolutely scathing side-eye when she wants to, but if she decides she likes someone, then her smile lights up a whole room & makes us viewers grin too. 💖

Charlotte Spencer as Esther Denham

We feel like we don’t give the character Esther enough love. She’s independent, relatable in her moodiness, and frankly – very lovely. It’s no surprise Babbington would take one look at her and decide there was no other woman for him.

Esther as a character has gone through a lot, including emotional manipulation and abuse by her step-brother, so seeing her get a happily ever after did delight us. Though, we would love to see more of her and her new husband Babbington in a second season to see how they’re getting along. (Also so we can see their pretty faces.)

Leo Suter as Young Stringer

Another character we feel as if we should be giving more love to is Young Stringer. He too has a jawline which could substitute as a letter opener. Stringer also has eyes to make you melt and an accent you could listen to all day long.

Suter as Stringer also pulls off the 1800s wardrobe extremely well, and, okay let’s face it we have a little crush on him.

While this is by no means the whole cast, we think it proves our point. We love the cast & their characters – not just because they’re nice to look at, but it really doesn’t hurt things either. So, Amazon Prime UK, if you’re out there, it’s just another factor to consider.

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  • Thank you Brynley. I love everyone of these articles and you are so right about all of it. The story needs to be completed and we need to see a HEA for a lot of the characters. As always, thank you for your support.

    June 25, 2020
  • Wonderful insight into some of Sanditon’s most beloved characters and the incredible actors portraying them.

    June 25, 2020
  • I loved Sanditon but a little disappointed at the ending. I feel like there should be another season to tie up any loose ends.

    June 26, 2020
  • Please bring Sanditon back! Pick this series up Amazon! This could be such a wonderful series that would go on for years like Downton Abby! It’s was so enthralling & interesting! Each character was special in its own way with so many various possibilities for future episodes….it’s endless! I couldn’t wait to watch it Not to mention that we need to keep this type of period pieces alive…..people love them just like myself! This one was especially wonderful & so beautifully produced with luscious clothing and scenery and the storyline was magnificent…..please bring this back!

    June 26, 2020
  • Please season 2 with same characters.

    June 26, 2020
  • Would love to see Sanditon come back for a second season!

    June 26, 2020
  • Brynley-
    You did it again and again! Another great article on Sandition and why we need a Season 2. The cast, location, music, costumes and we can’t forget the dancing! Thanks again for keeping the dream alive for a Sanditon Season 2.

    #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

    June 26, 2020
  • Starving for a Season II! PLEASE

    June 29, 2020

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