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Termodizayn is one of the leading ice machine companies in Turkey. Here's everything you need to know about their ice makers.

Termodizayn Ice Makers

Ice has always been a necessity. Especially cold places are needed in order to preserve the products produced and imported in hot climates for a long time. While Termodizayn continues its cold storage services with its wide product range, it also serves its customers with ice machines.

Termodizayn is one of the leading companies in Turkey about ice machine. Termodizayn ice machines, which are suitable for both price and quality, have unique designs. It is in continuous commercial cooperation with Germany and other European countries. Termodizayn is the most well-known in the export of commercial ice machine; It is a company that has proven itself with its service networks, capacity and assurance. You can examine the types and capacities of ice machines on the website of Termodizayn, and you can get all kinds of information from the experts.

The need for ice is quite high all over the world, especially in hot climate regions. In the commercial area, the goods produced or imported must be kept in cold environments in order to be preserved for a long time. This doubles the importance of ice machines. Especially in the fishing sector, imported fish must be preserved in cold ice rooms so that they can reach the export destination without spoiling for a long time. Thus, the commercial ice machine becomes a necessity.

What should be considered when buying an ice machine? What are the types of ice machines? We will talk about them in our news.

What are the Points to Consider When Buying an Ice Machine?

Ice machines are among the most preferred products of industrial kitchens. There is a wide variety of professional ice machines on the market that can meet different needs. However, you have to make a decision about what product you need. In this regard, Termodizayn officials provide rapid support with their experts on cooling and ice machines. Termodizayn officials immediately answer any questions you ask about industrial ice machines and which ice machines you should buy, and inform you.

Types of Ice Machines

There are many types of ice machines, which are among the very important products for industrial production. Ice machines can produce ice from both fresh and salt water. The most important feature of these machines is that they can work as air cooled or water cooled.

You can reach more detailed information from this link of Termodizayn web page.

Termodizayn Ice Machines

Termodizayn ice machines were recognized in a short time thanks to their performance. TERMODİZAYN ice machines, produced with the latest technology, provide a high level of efficiency in their field with their environmentally friendly and energy saving aspects. Termodizayn ice machines are produced for commercial and industrial applications and designed accordingly.


Flake Ice Machine (Fresh Water), Produces flake ice using regular fresh water. Does not require treated water. Operates smoothly under tropical conditions. Always quiet and highly efficient.  Produces hygienic ice thanks to it’s vertical type ice evaporator drum. All equipments comply with EU standards.

Flake Ice Machine (Sea Water), on board type ice machines can tolerate shake and wobble of the fishing boats and are specifically designed to withstand marine conditions which causes corrosion. Produces ice with sea water and it’s condenser is also cooled with sea water.

Container Type Flake Ice Machines, It is possible to move, settle or rent Termodizayn container type flake ice units wherever you want as they are mobile. The fact that they are mobile offers you many advantages.

Block ice machines have an easy to use, dynamic and intelligent design compared to others. It generates ice blocks by pressing and shaping the ice which is produced by the flake ice machine. You can adjust the height and width of the block ice from the electronic panel.

Block Ice Machines (Brine Type), Block ice is an ice type created by immersing cans filled with fresh water in a brine tank. The temperature of the brine is -12°C, which causes the water to freeze into solid blocks with a temperature of -5°C. One of the reasons for block ice’s popularity is the fact its form allows an easy handling. It can be easily transported for a long distance without refrigerated vehicles. Termodizayn block ice machines are manufactured for commercial and industrial applications and have been designed to produce clean and fresh block ice in a trouble free manner.

Mobile Block Ice Machines (Press Type), gives you many advantages because it is portable, you can place or move them where ever you want or you can even rent. It allows you to obtain ice blocks by pressing the ice produced by the flake ice machine. You can change the width and height of ice blocks as desired, this is a feature that most distinguishes our product from the others. Termodizayn Mobile Block Ice Machines have dynamic and intelligent design are more practical than the old brine type systems.

Tube Ice Machines, Cylindrical ice cubes created by freezing clean and fresh water are odorless and clean. It complies with the prescribed health standards. It can be eaten directly or produces tube-shaped ices for cooling beverages, for use in cold foods.

Cube Ice Machines: Ice cubes created by freezing clean and fresh water are odorless and clean. It can be eaten directly or produces ice cubes for chilling drinks, use in cold foods. Termodizayn Cube Ice Machines are made for industrial purposes and are a trouble-free product, designed to be hygienic.

Plate Ice Machines: Plate ice thickness ranges from 8 mm to 12 mm and has no fixed shape. It works with fresh water. It operates smoothly under standard operating conditions and tropical conditions thanks to the water-cooled condenser and water cooling tower. Quiet and high efficiency. Thanks to its specially designed plate ice evaporator, it produces hygienic ice and can work non-stop.

Ice Silos: Automatic ice storage stores the produced ice and transfers it to the user very quickly when necessary. Thanks to the transfer system inside the silo, the ice does not clump and stick to the silo walls. If there is an ice mass that has waited for a while and stuck together, it will be able to transfer it safely by separating it into particles.

Ice Compactor: Machines have dynamic and intelligent design than the others. It allows you to obtain ice blocks by pressing the ice produced by the flake ice machine. Width and length of the block of ice can be fixed and changed by the PLC system as you like, this is a feature that distinguishes our product from the others.You can produce ice blocks of different sizes and weights with one machine only by time setting. It allows you to provide your customers delivery of ice blocks in different sizes and weights.

Ice Packing Unit: ice packaging unit allows you to pack the ice produced by Termodizayn ice machines. Height adjustable offers ease of use. Produces hygienic ice since it is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the wheels you can easily move to the desired location. Snail-type air blowing feature inflates the ice bags immediately and allows the ice to be easily filled in the bag.

Flake Ice Drums (Fresh Water): Flake ice is usually made up of large, flat, thin pieces of ice and is mainly used in the fishing and concrete cooling industries.

Flake Ice Drums (Sea Water): Flake ice is usually made up of large, flat, thin pieces of ice and is mainly used in the fishing and concrete cooling industries. The thickness of the ice will be around 2 mm. The firmness of the ice can be adjusted by adding salt to the water. To facilitate this a special salt mixing pump and reservoir are optional. However, it is not necessary to add salt into the fresh water to produce ice.

Gel Ice Machines: The liquid gel ice is a mixture of ice crystal and water solution ( usually sea water). It is also known as liquid ice or fluid ice. This method has its own unique features and advantages. It provides very fast cooling for fish or any other similar product.

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