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So, today we consider the TOP 3 suggestions for improving Shopify website design. We also see their template features and excellent ratings.

Best Shopify Artist Website Theme On TemplateMonster By Reviews

When buying something on the Internet, we often read reviews from real people about its quality, usefulness, and characteristics. Choosing products to improve the site, we do the same. Shopify artist website themes will be no exception. Having seen how many offers are on TemplateMonster, you need to build on some objective data while selecting. Often you can see among the choosing recommendations advice to read customer reviews. Fortunately, there are reviews on the website for many products. Based on them, a rating among goods is formed. At the list top, you can even see a filter by rating. The more stars the template receives, the higher it’s at the top.

So, today we consider only the best TOP 3 suggestions for improving website design. We also see their features due to which they received their excellent ratings.

The Subtleties Of Getting A Good Rating

Of course, everyone wants to make a good and useful purchase once. If you have a site related to creativity or art or are an artist, it’s incredibly important to create a unique style once. It’s unlikely that you will change it in the coming months. However, a thoughtful manner is important for an online store selling paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, rare decorations, and home decor. You may judge its appearance by viewing the Demo and getting acquainted with the technical characteristics of how successful the product is. But this isn’t the only way to make a choice. The number of stars received from people who have already bought a Shopify artist website theme is important.

However, remember several logical subtleties that buyers should take into account when reading reviews:

  • People write more negative ones than positive ones. Therefore, if a product has a lot of good responses, it’s worth buying.
  • Goods without a rating don’t mean they are bad. Perhaps this is new and has not yet received data from buyers. It may also be that the template hasn’t yet been purchased. This point means you’ll be the first owner, which is a huge plus.
  • Products with three stars instead of five – read the review’s text. Perhaps those moments that didn’t suit the previous buyer aren’t significant for you.

The main thing – you should like the layout. After all, since you have a creative business or sell art, you need to choose the right design that the potential audience will like.

TOP 3 Shopify Artist Website Theme

The first position on the list was won by a developer called Alie. The developer positions it as a great option for interior items. Creativity can concern not only paintings, photographs, or sculptures. Handmade dishes, a unique armchair created by a famous person, can also be attributed to art objects. The development has won love thanks to its modern, clean design. At the same time, in the Demo, you see a more interesting color solution than just a white background with gray details. Remember, there can be several color schemes. In this demonstration, the combination of blue, white, and beige looks incredibly stylish and spectacular. Creates a comfortable atmosphere. Of course, among the characteristics, you see everything needed for successful work – a built-in online store, adaptation to all device screens, ease of use, and the ability to edit without coding knowledge.

The next amazing artist portal solution is Antiquely. A sense of luxury, wealth, and prosperity emanates from him. The developers have created this impression thanks to a good combination of black, beige, and white. A future site with such a design is an ideal option for selling antiques, rare art objects, paintings, statues, and carpets. Its feature that impressed buyers was the dark layout. For the design of expensive goods – this is a suitable option. The template has support in many languages, convenient Ajax search, integration with social networks, and responsive design. People also note very friendly support, which helps to cope with tasks.

Finished today’s review of Print Shop. The design is clean, simple, and clear. All you need for printed goods. The strategy, which doesn’t attract attention as much as possible, focuses on the product offer. Of the pluses, we note the ease of use. It has good user documentation. This simplifies the task by 50 percent.


Sometimes even a couple of reviews are more useful than a hundred. After all, they are written by real buyers, not figureheads. So, you can rely on the rating and make the right choice. TemplateMonster provides a lot of comparison offers for a site related to creativity. Products you can see here. Remember our advice and buy considering your experience as well.

Other criteria for selecting proposals are the required color scheme, combination of shades, and elements arrangement in sections. For example, you can choose color schemes in the filter on the left. Also, rely on the presence of important characteristics. For example, for beginners, Drag and Drop will be very useful. After all, advanced users know the basics of writing and editing codes, and beginners hardly do. We wish you a happy purchase and hope the article helped.


  1. What is the Shopify artist website theme?

The development gives the buyer a ready-made website design. It only needs to be installed and filled with content sections. Also, remember buyers can edit the layouts.

  1. How to choose the Shopify artist website theme?

First of all, the layout should please you. The design should convey that special style, spirit, and feel your creative product carries. Then they will look logically at each other and emphasize the product’s strengths.

  1. How to set up a Shopify artist website theme?

The attached document for each template is most useful for this task. After all, it describes step-by-step instructions where you can learn everything about the settings and development opportunities.

  1. Is there a support service for the Shopify artist website theme?

Yes, it’ll be active immediately after payment. The first six months are free. After, buyers may refill the support by paying a small amount to the developer.

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