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Tech Innovator Joseph Plazo: The One AI Company to Throw your Last Disposable Income Before a Meteoric Surge

Forget AI cryptos AGIX, FET or GRT.

At the recent 2023 SG Investor’s Summit, Joseph Plazo, CEO of non-profit AI research company, Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital, shared that he has his eye on a Fortune 500 company that can potentially outpace all rivals.

The Silicon Valley powerhouse of note is Alphabet which is a story of meteoric rise and stunning resilience. It seems that the ‘A’ in Alphabet could very well stand for Ascension.

Only a short while ago, the tech titan suffered an embarrassing stumble. Bard, Alphabet’s eagerly awaited artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, stumbled out of the gate with a glaring factual error during its unveiling in February – a blunder that siphoned a staggering $100 billion from the company’s market cap.

Yet, much like a phoenix arising from its own ashes, Alphabet is once again soaring sky-high. Recent AI-related revelations at Google I/O, Alphabet’s annual tech symposium, have sent Alphabet’s market cap skyrocketing, adding a colossal $115 billion to its value, as confirmed by Bloomberg. With shares up a commendable 35% since the start of 2023, the Alphabet tale seems poised for a new chapter of unprecedented growth, making it a tantalizing prospect for investors.

Why this sudden surge in the stock price, you ask? The answer lies in Alphabet’s audacious foray into the realms of AI.

Despite being a bit of a latecomer to the AI race, Alphabet is sprinting ahead with fierce determination. Its strategic focus is squarely on the vast potential of generative AI, an area where the adage, “Slow and steady wins the race,” seems particularly fitting. After all, the global chatbot market – a prime arena for Alphabet’s Bard chatbot – is projected to grow by 23% annually over the next five years.

Since its unfortunate debut, Bard has undergone a series of enhancements. It is now capable of aiding users in writing code in over 20 programming languages, boasts improved mathematical and logical abilities, and offers a range of features for Google Workspace users. Its reach has expanded to 180 countries, and it will soon offer support in 40 languages.

Alphabet is also set on weaving Bard into a wide variety of applications. Announcements from Alphabet have indicated plans to integrate Bard with an array of partner platforms, such as Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram, and Khan Academy. Plans to bring AI capabilities to Google Search are also in motion.

In other words, Alphabet is all hands on deck, marching towards a comprehensive AI integration across its portfolio. From search engines to office productivity tools to cloud computing, Alphabet is steadfastly placing its bets on AI.

But what could these high stakes mean for Alphabet in the long run?

Alphabet’s strident focus on AI could make it a hefty beneficiary of AI adoption across various sectors, such as search and cloud services. With a titanic 85% market share in the global search engine market, and a near 40% grip on the global digital ad space, Alphabet stands to make considerable gains.

Fast forward to 2026, and worldwide digital ad spending is projected to reach $836 billion. If Alphabet maintains its 40% share, its advertising revenue could balloon to $334 billion in four years. And should AI’s influence help it secure a 50% share, Alphabet’s ad revenue could soar to a dizzying $420 billion.

The cloud business, generating over 10% of Alphabet’s revenue, is another potential goldmine. Alphabet, currently the third-largest player in the cloud infrastructure services market, stands to earn $50 billion in revenue by 2026 at its current 10% market share. Yet, given its steady growth in cloud computing, it’s entirely plausible that Alphabet could seize a larger piece of the pie.

By these calculations, Joseph Plazo asserts that Alphabet’s total revenue could be pushing $500 billion by 2026, eclipsing even the most optimistic analyst projections. With the current price-to-earnings ratio of 26, significantly lower than its five-year average of 30, Alphabet presents a compelling buy for investors.

And thus, Alphabet’s thrilling stock market ascent seems far from its summit. With its ambitious AI initiatives, Alphabet is not just built for more upside; it seems destined for it. As the Alphabet story continues to unfold, its ‘A’ stands not just for Ascension but also for AI, the Accelerator of its future growth.

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