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Stylish Lighting Ideas for Stairs

Stairs can be tricky to light, so it’s important to find a solution that is both stylish and practical. Luckily, there are lots of fantastic options out there that will make your staircase look its best!


Ceiling lights and recessed wall lighting are two of the most popular options. These are not only good for providing the basic illumination you need, but can also double as a design feature that complements the rest of your space too!


For the best effect, it’s best to choose LED options stair lighting which give off a soft glow. They’re also an energy-efficient way to light your stairs, so you won’t have to worry about power bills!


Recessed wall lighting is another option that will make your stairs looks their best. This is a great way to illuminate the stairs without taking up any head height or wall space, and can be positioned directly by the steps so they cast a bright beam of light down the stairs.


Pendant lighting is another excellent choice as it will provide general ambient light for the hallway and stairway. This will give a stunning, eye-catching appearance to the area and help you navigate your way through the space.


Fairy lights are another wonderful option for illuminating your stairs. These come in a range of colors and can be hung from the top of each flight of stairs.


Alternatively, consider adding a string of fairy lights to the banister. They’re a fun and quirky idea that will add a little sparkle to your stairway while also giving you a safe place to put your shoes on in the night!


For open riser staircases, a great option is to hide contoured LED strips underneath each tread. Not only does this look sleek, but it will also cast shadows on the underside of each step creating a subtle and attractive finish.


Handrail and banister lighting is another savvy choice for illuminating your stairs, and is perfect for staircases with glass or cable handrails. Whether you use fairy lights or LED strips, this will create a stunning light display for your stairs.


To finish off your stairway’s illumination, consider adding an overhead chandelier. Nothing looks more glamorous than a classic chandelier and hanging one in your stairwell will help to tie each floor together, while giving the room a touch of luxury and style.


Mini chandeliers are also a great idea for your stairs, and can be hung on the landings of each flight to provide a dramatic feel. They can also be scaled down to fit the size of your stairs if you don’t want them too large or overpowering.


A final choice that can be used for both the hallway and the stairs is a floor lamp. Positioned in the right place, a floor lamp will provide a warm and inviting glow to both areas.

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