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Steps to Build an Email Database from Scratch

Starting with email marketing? You’re making a good choice! Email marketing is one of the top ways to talk directly to people who are interested in what you have to offer. But before all that, you need folks to email, right? So, how do you build that list? Here, we’ll go step by step and show you how.

1. Who Are Your People?

First thing’s first, think about who you wanna talk to. Who’s your audience? It’s really important to know who you’re trying to reach. It’s not about getting everyone’s email; it’s about getting the right ones. Like, if you sell toys, you wanna talk to parents, not random teenagers.

2. Give Something to Get Something

People are careful about where they share their email. Why would they give it to you? Think about what you can give them in return. Maybe:

  • A little book or guide on something they like (eBook)
  • A special discount or a money-off code
  • Secret stuff that only email people get to see

3. Put Sign-up Thingies on Your Website

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Now, let’s say you have a shop or a blog. You need to make it easy for people to give you their email. Put boxes where they can type in their email and hit ‘subscribe’. Maybe:

  • Right when they enter the website
  • Down below everything (footer)
  • Next to your blog writings
  • Or even those boxes that pop up sometimes

4. Tell People on Social Media

Got a Facebook page? Or maybe you’re on Twitter? Use them! Share a link to your website or directly to the email sign-up thing. Tell your friends and followers to sign up for cool offers and news.

5. Real-Life Events? Yep!

Ever been to a fun workshop or a big market event? These are cool places to get emails. If you have a small stand or a desk, keep a paper and pen or even a tablet. Ask folks if they wanna hear from you in their emails.

6. Ask Friends to Tell Friends

If someone already gets your emails and they like them, maybe they have friends who’d like them too? Ask your email friends to tell their friends! You could give them something cool if they get you more emails.

7. Keep Things Tidy

After a while, you’ll see that not everyone who gave you their email reads your stuff. That’s okay. Maybe clean up a bit. Remove emails of folks who haven’t read anything in a long time.

Now, here’s a thing. If you’re thinking, “this is too slow for me”, there’s a shortcut. If you’re in a hurry and want an email list of potential clients quickly, BEL is the best place to buy email list. They’ll help you find people and businesses who would be interested in your products or services you offer.

8. Stay in the Clear with the Law

You’ve probably heard of some rules about emails. There’s this GDPR thing and another called CAN-SPAM Act. It’s just about making sure you’re being nice and not bothering people. Always check if folks really said “yes, email me!”

9. It’s About Friendship, Kinda

Emails aren’t just about sending offers and news. It’s a little like talking to a friend. Make sure your emails are nice, and they make people happy. And, remember, always send stuff that’s useful, not just random things.

FAQs (People Ask These A Lot)

Q1: So, how much should I email folks?

A: Hmm, good question. Some people like weekly news. Others? Maybe just a once-a-month thing. See what your email friends like and go with that.

Q2: What if someone doesn’t want my emails anymore?

A: It’s cool. Make sure there’s a button or link in the email that says “unsubscribe”. It lets them say “no more emails, please”.

Q3: I heard people buy email lists. Is that okay?

A: Well, you can, like from BEL we talked about. But always make sure it’s all good and legal.

To Wrap It Up

Making an email list from nothing can feel big, but with some steps and patience, it’s doable. What’s most important? It’s not how many emails you got, but how good you are to them. It’s a bit like making friends. So go on, and happy emailing! :)

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