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A heavy-duty industrial light comes with its perks and risks. Is SolarBright worth the price? Peek at their solar flood lights now.

SolarBright FloodLights Reviews – Best Solar Flood Lights 2021

A heavy-duty industrial light comes with its perks and risks. If you have ever purchased flood lights for your lawn, gate, garden, or more, it is likely you are already aware of what we’re talking about here. These lights tend to fail the test of strength, time, and weather. Further, the price of purchasing such lights is crazy at times. Often, we need floodlights for security or to brighten up a place, and frankly, we can’t risk them dying on us for any purpose. 

Luckily, SolarBright FloodLight is a solar light with a durable battery that runs all night long. These lights may possibly solve all our problems regarding weather conditions, power, and pricing of those lights. Every household needs one and cannot always rely on electricity usage. This light charges all day, as it is solar-based, and it works as soon as you turn it on. 

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SolarBright FloodLights Review 

What is SolarBright FloodLights?

SolarBright Floodlights are a cost-effective way to light up the night. It is worth the purchase and is ready to use after unboxing it as it is wireless and can be charged during the day. Using everything on electricity is not always convenient, and these solar-based lights help solve that problem. Additionally, the battery is huge and can be used for super bright results once charged. 

The official page has offered several direct reviews from customers which have all been positive.  The reviews talk about the good quality of these lights and how easily the sensors in the lights are triggered; it’s a very useful product and small animals can alert it too. SolarBright Floodlights are compact, bright, and innovative. Moreover, the additional features of its motion sensors in good pricing are brilliant. 

Why Should You Consider Buying SolarBright Floodlights? Consumer Report Released Here

Features and Specifications 

Weatherproof, durable, convenient, and economical, solar-based lights are rare to come across. SolarBright Flood Light is made industrially with a power-saving feature that helps maintain its usage. The light is fully turned on within a minute and there is a motion sensor that detects anyone that is around. This light has a five-year lifespan and an 18650 battery; it can be used without getting burned. 

There are three modes available, Mode 1 is on, Mode 2 is dim, and Mode 3 is security. Through Mode 1, the light shines brighter throughout the night and it is consistent. Next, mode 2 helps the light stay dim until the motion sensor is detected. In that case, the light will turn one hundred percent bright again and alert you. Lastly, mode 3 keeps the light completely off until motion is detected nearby. You may place it near your window or door if you’d like. 

You may purchase this product and receive it on time, contacts will be provided in case you have any queries. One package will consist of two lights for you to attach to any suitable surface. These lights are charged during the day, hence, make sure to let them charge for you to be able to use them at night. Further, a great feature other than its wirelessness is that this product is durable and weatherproof. You can enjoy your sleep without worrying about any risk. 


  • There will be two lights within one package. 
  • Each individual light will contain one hundred bright LEDs that shine extremely bright. 
  • The product has 600 Lumens and can expose light up to 30 feet ahead.  
  • These floodlights can be attached to any surface using a stick or screw. 
  • Solar lights have the ability to charge within the day, even in areas with less light. 
  • It will be delivered during the same week or latest by the next. 
  • No wiring is required as it is solar-powered. 
  • A 5-year life span without any power or electricity consumption. 
  • Light Coverage expands to 270 degrees which is powerful. 
  • The lifespan of SolarBright Floodlights including both battery and LEDs is durable. 
  • Motion can be activated within the height range of 16 feet. 
  • Has additional features to switch between modes of Ón, Dim, and Security’. ‘
  • These lights are guaranteed to be durable and weatherproof. 
  • “Works or it’s free!” 30-day money-back guarantee


The life span of the SolarBright loodlight is greater than what you will usually find in the market. A five-year lifespan along with additional features and consistent use of light can be bought. This economical and profitable product is expected to have a 10,000-hour life span without experiencing burnout. 

You might be surprised to know that if you avail of the current 50% instant discount now, you may purchase these lights for JUST $38.90 Per Pack. The official page for this product claims to deliver within 5-7 business days too, so purchase it now to receive it by next week. Additionally, they have a good refund policy where you may claim a refund if you are not satisfied with your product. 

Conclusion for SolarBright FloodLights Review

This product is a reliable one and has had great development done; with technology getting more and more advanced this is incredibly profitable. The package already comes with two lights and some screws to attach it to any surface. Furthermore, electricity consumption is no longer an issue due to solar-based devices such as these. The delicate motion detectors would be a very useful addition for security purposes and you will not have to worry throughout the night knowing the battery will charge once it’s daylight again. 

After you’ve made your purchase and you receive it within the week, you may place it under sunlight and charge it up. It will work the entire night wirelessly and will keep you satisfied. We recommend that you make this purchase as soon as you can for this popularly growing product. It has had positive reviews and will not disappoint you. Visit Official SolarBright Floodlights Website Here

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