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SmartTech can solve lots of problems in the household. Here are some of the way SmartTech can improve living during the winter.

SmartTech Solutions for Winter: Fighting Germs In Bathroom Is Key

It’s no surprise that new smart tech wellness innovations are anticipated to continue to invade the residential marketplace this winter as many consumers may have a heightened concern for killing germs and bacteria – especially in wet water areas like the kitchen and bathroom.  

And now, the 2021 Home Upgrade study shows that bathrooms are the primary area of the home that Americans are planning to upgrade this year, with 45% of homeowners polled saying they will be upgrading their homes with smart solutions. 

It’s no wonder that everyone, from general consumers to DIY’ers, are looking for the latest wellness tech solutions that will make their homes more hygienic. 

In fact, there are many benefits to keeping a sanitary home, including in humid areas like the bathroom:

  • Dries out areas where “stuff” likes to grow: For example, wet bathroom towels can be a major focal point for bacteria since these organisms like to live in humid environments.   
  • Reduces Germs: Germs and microbes can cause health concerns. And repeated health challenges can wreak havoc on your body, resulting in a weak immune system. 
  • Improves air quality: A clean home smells great and can actually contribute to purifying the air based on the type of tools you use. 

But since most people are busier than ever before with working from home, juggling parental and work duties, one of the best ways to save time and get a cleaner home is by using smart tools and automated technologies to take some of the burden off of your chore list.  And, bathrooms are of particular concern since tens of thousands of units of bacteria can be found on bathroom surfaces

And even “clean” towels aren’t nearly as clean as you think. Many people reuse towels for a couple of days to reduce their laundry chores. But these damp towels provide an ideal environment for organisms to proliferate and result in thousands of microbes forming all over the cloth.

Since consumers need an easy, automated, and tech-driven solution that addresses the sanitation needs of their homes, there are 3 different types of automated tech solutions in the marketplace trending for the home that can be easily used to improve wellness. 

  • Heated Towel Racks: Since towels are one area with a ton of germs, microbes, and bacteria, we need a better way to ensure they are sanitized. Heated towel racks that maintain a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius reduce the bacterial load on towels substantially even after 24 hour. 

This technology can reduce the microbial load by up to 1000 colony forming units per gram of surface area when used regularly. In addition, heated towel racks can reduce the amount of bacterial count by up to 90% after two weeks. It is clear that this technology is a highly effective way to combat germs in our homes. 

  • Automated Soap and Sanitizer: Another way to reduce the spread of germs is by reducing the number of touchpoints in the bathroom. While most of us think automated soap dispensers and hand sanitizers are only for commercial restrooms, they are not. 

Consumers can find stylish and elegant additions to their home bathrooms. This simple technology reduces the risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria since nobody touches the same surfaces.

  • Air Purifiers: Keeping the air in your home clean is of utmost importance, especially since air quality is trending as a key concern in the marketplace.  Air purifiers provide a way to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. These easy solutions are another effective way to enhance wellness and cleanliness in your home. 

The bottom line is that we all recognize the importance of keeping our homes clean and healthy as the temperature starts to get a little cooler.  

Automated technologies, such as those mentioned above, are just a few things to consider for making it a little easier to facilitate a safe and sanitized place for you and your family as the winter months approach. 

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