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Investing in cryptocurrency is incredibly popular these days, but how do you get some? Check out all the smartest ways of buying bitcoin!

5 Smart Ways of Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin has remained a popular choice when it comes to buying digital coins in the market. It has gone up so fast, and more and more people are now moving towards this digital coin. You can easily take a plunge in the world of Bitcoin; you have come to the right place. Here you will get some of the best ways of owning this digital coin. The best part is that you can now procure Bitcoin in several ways. You do not require to open any different or specialized kind of account when it comes to buying bitcoin. There are several ways of buying bitcoin, and you can find many more at the sites and how bitcoin impacts society. However, here we are discussing the best five methods to buy Bitcoin. The following are some of the best ways of doing so. Have a look at these: 


The first option to buy Bitcoin is through PayPal. It offers you the most straightforward and hassle-free way to procure bitcoin and sell them. In addition, it offers you an app that can help you procure bitcoin with the help of online payments. All you need to pay is around 0.5 USD for your purchase as the company employs a sliding commission scale, which goes to around 2.30% for different trades that come along with 25 USD, and it then gets declined to 1.50% for trading more than a thousand bucks. Although one can find it spreading the markup, you may not need to pay this with a fee while holding digital coins in your account. At the same time, you can see people trading on it with even less than 1 USD at one time. You can even buy ETH, LTC, and BTC Cash with the PayPal app. 

Trading App 

Several trading apps like RH or WB allow you to procure Bitcoin or any other digital currencies. These come up without any commission, and they can make things spread. The app RH uses the best trick of using no commission when it comes to applying digital currency. You can even procure Bitcoin directly without accessing the same on a dozen of other virtual coins. These remain very much intact when we talk about the broker list and other things. You can easily procure stocks and get some good options with ETFs. WB helps to carry out a few trades using digital currencies using Bitcoin. It can quickly help in spreading the 1% mark on every transaction. 


It is a specialized kind of exchange for digital currencies that helps you procure digital currencies. You can gain loads of digital currencies apart from other coins like BITCoin, LTC, and ETH, to name a few. For much more security, Coinbase can help store the coins in your vault, and it helps keep away the time-delayed withdrawals. It can even charge you around 0.50% of transaction fees that come varying without actually adding up the source. Of all the options, Coinbase has become the best choice to procure Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

Interactive Brokers 

One of the other popular ways of procuring Bitcoin and digital currencies is through different brokers. With these professionals, you can easily procure future-based contracts for Bitcoin; however, this may not act directly with the currency. The broker often charges around 15USD for every contract that offers you good exposure to all five bitcoins. A few interactive brokers offer good options when it comes to trade-based securities. All these offer excellent access to a wide range of several other tradable securities. These offer the right kind of access to all the securities that come along all over the world. 

Bitcoin ATM

Of late, this has become one of the best options for people to procure Bitcoin through BTC-based ATMs. However, you may have to pay extra amounts of commissions when compared to the other options. You can buy BTCs with the help of these ATMs and can even sell the same using debit or cash-based cards. However, you may not require any Bitcoin-based wallets that help in carrying out different transactions. Several commissions can act very much costly with these ATMs now charging around 7% per transaction. However, several fees come along at a stretch that proves beneficial for the investors. 

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