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Smart blinds are an incredibly helpful household tool. Find out how smart blinds can make your day run smoother.

How Smart Blinds Can Improve Your Daily Routine

As our modern lifestyles begin to squeeze in more and more activities into our day, it’s time to start trying to simplify our day by delegating common chores to artificial intelligence. Home assistants are a very good place to start this endeavor. 

Smart technology has brought about a huge change in the domain of home automation. Aided by artificial intelligence, smart devices can connect with your WIFI to take over some of the most monotonous and repetitive jobs. This makes your stay at home less stressful and more exciting.

Smart technology can also add a bit of flexibility to your routine. Even if you get small tasks out of the way, you will find more time in your hand to devote to other things that need attention. Busy morning routines get a bit of a relaxation as your smart devices can be programmed to get your lights on, pull your blinds up, as well as put on the coffee. As the day proceeds, you can delegate a huge number of tasks to smart appliances and your home assistant system. You can schedule your washing machine or oven to start at a prescheduled time. You can get your heater to turn on a little before you get back home, so that you come back to a nicely heated home. Even when you are not at home, you can use your smart phone or tablet to monitor and control the smart devices at home. Your smart door bell will tell you about any visitors at your home, or your smart light can come on at night to give the impression that the home is occupied. The list goes on. 

How Smart Blinds Improve Your Daily Routine

Although window blinds are usually associated with just opening and closing to give you more privacy and light control, the addition of smart technology has added a few more functionality that adds a great deal of convenience to your daily routine. The benefits of smart window blinds easily outweigh the initial costs of installation smart window blinds. Any investment in remote controlled smart blinds would be worthwhile in terms of the money and time you will save. Let’s look at some of the most important benefits associated with smart blinds. 

Convenience: Convenience has to the biggest benefit of having smart blinds. Right from the morning, a majority of the time spent indoors are spent on chores. Pulling the blinds up and down is probably something you do every day first thing after getting out of bed. Sometimes, this is the only reason why you have to leave the cozy comfort of your bed. Just imagine the difference it would make if you could operate the blinds through remote control or voice control devices. Better still, if you have home assistants, just tell them to open or close the blind at a prescheduled time, so that the morning sun does not wake you up. Similarly, before putting on a movie, just ask your voice assistant to close the blinds and its done. No need to struggle with the cords and struggle to reach up to the sunlight blinds, just to create the right ambience for a movie. With smart blinds, you will find many such methods for making your life easier.

Insulation and Money Saving: As blind operation becomes hands-free, you will be able to get more insulation, or better temperature control though your blinds. With the help of your home automation system, or your mobile device, you will be able to pre-schedule your blinds to open and shut at certain times to maximize your blind’s performance. For example, you can tell your blind to close as the day wanes and the chill sets in. This way, your room will retain the heat gained throughout the day for longer spells. Similarly, in the summer, you can tell your blinds to close when the sun gets very warm, and help the room to cool down naturally. Some smart blinds also come with temperature sensors. These small methods help you save energy and money, while you can enjoy your time in the garden or out shopping, without having to rush home to bring down the blinds. 

Safety: Any blind owner would tell you how annoying it is to deal with yards of cords everyday as you pull blinds up and down. These cords also have a tendency to get all tied up in knots. With smart blinds, you can finally leave behind the era of blind cords and step firmly into the realm of hands-off operation. This is a must-have feature in homes that have little children and pets, as cords pose serious choking hazard. 

Security: Security is another unlikely element that gets associated with smart blinds. When you are away from home due to work or holiday, you can operate your blinds through the internet, and give the impression that someone is at home. This unique feature gives your mind a rest from any worries regarding break-ins or burglaries. 

Syncing with Other Smart Devices: Smart blinds can be synched with other smart devices for some added effects. You can control more than one blind all together. For instance, you can program all the blinds that face the front of the building to work in a similar way. On the other hand, you can set a different schedule for blinds that get sun for maximum sun than rest of the blinds in other rooms. 

One that is very popular with homeowners is syncing the smart blinds with smart lights. You can have the lights come on every time the blinds come down. You can also sync the blinds with alarm clock or the thermostat. By syncing one action with another, you can delegate more tasks together. 

As you have seen, there are numerous ways in which you can free up your daily routine with the help of smart blinds. Now you can spend less time on boring tasks and spend it on things that make you happy.

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