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SEO Directory Submissions: Do They Still Work?

SEO Directory Submissions: Do They Still Work?

When it comes to SEO strategies, directory submissions have been a conventional cornerstone for building backlinks. However, as search engine algorithms have changed a lot lately, the question arises: are SEO directory submissions worth it?

Historical Context of Directory Submissions

Up to the last decade or so, directories have been used to find and discover new businesses and websites near the user’s location. One primary example of this is Google Business Profiles. Other popular directories include Yellow Pages, Food and Wine with Love, yelp, Bing Places and more. As Google Business Profile became one of the major directories for businesses to get more audience, businesses did not care about other directories. But with the rise of SEO, directory sites became viable again. 

A Shift in Search Engine Marketing Practices

With the arrival of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, the SEO landscape underwent a drastic shift. The focus shifted towards helpful content and natural link-building practices, making many of the old search engine marketing processes that involve bulk bidding obsolete.

The Current Role of Directory Submissions

Although there have been a lot of recent core updates, directory listings for link building and NAP citation are still in the market. When done properly, you can use directory listing as a part of a healthy SEO strategy. The key lies in selecting reputable directories that are indexed by SERPs and applicable to your business area.

Quality over Quantity

Today’s search engine optimisation strategy emphasises the quality of backlinks over quantity. It’s especially helpful to have a few links from reputable and quality directories rather than many links from low-quality websites. Directories that maintain high editorial standards and provide a selection of links are those that undoubtedly contribute to search engine optimisation efforts.

Relevance and Targeting

Relevance is crucial when it comes to directory submissions. It is essential to select directories that match your business industry, as this increases the chance of reaching your target audience and complements the value of the backlink. 

Organic Growth and Link Diversity

Search engines like Google always favour an organic backlink. A diverse link profile with links from many reputable sources, including directories, can signal to engines that your internet site is trustworthy and authoritative.

Importance and Impact of Directory Quality Rating

Before submitting your website to any directory listing sites, it is important to check the quality of the directory. You have to make sure it will help you improve your search engine rankings. 

Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Domain Authority (DA): Check the DA listing of the directory. Better DA suggests the website is reputable and influential.
  • Relevance: Make sure the directory is relevant to your business or niche. This increases the likelihood of reaching your target audience.
  • Editorial Standards: Look for directories that have strict editorial requirements and manually review posts to keep them looking great.

Strategic Planning for Directory Submissions

Creating a strategic directory submission plan can optimise your SEO results. Consider the following steps:

  • Prioritise high-quality directories: Focus on a few good directories instead of submitting links to numerous low-quality sites.
  • Diversify your profile: Target a diverse link profile by choosing directories with different focus and target groups.
  • Post Scheduling: Spread your posts out over time to avoid any appearance of unnatural link building.

Best Practices for Directory Submissions in 2024

To make effective use of directory submissions, remember the following best practices:

  • Choose reputable directories: Choose directories with high popularity and good domain authority.
  • Focus on niche relevance: Submit your website to directories that are closely related to your industry or sector.
  • Create unique descriptions: Write accurate and compelling descriptions for each listing to avoid content duplicity issues.
  • Make Backlink Profile More Diverse: Focus on a mix of directory posts, guest posts, and different link-building strategies. This will help you build a well-rounded backlink profile for your website. 
  • Track Your Results: Track your directory submissions and their impact on your SEO to perfect your method over the years.

Search Engine Marketing Directory Submission Verdict

A search engine marketing listing submission can still be powerful if supplemented with a focus on quality and relevance. They must be incorporated directly into a broader, multifaceted SEO approach that includes content advertising and marketing, on-page optimisation, and social media engagement.


In 2024, directory submissions have evolved a lot. SEO gurus are shifting from quantity-focused tactics to quality-focused strategies. Finally, they will still be used in the SEO industry to boost businesses’ local visibility even after the 2024 core update. However, new SEO experts should take into consideration that quality and relevance are the keys to succeed in SEO.

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