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Many people believe that driving electric is the future, yet not everyone is convinced. Here's a list of reasons to drive electric.

Reasons why you should drive electric

Many people believe that driving electric is the future. Yet not everyone is convinced. There are reasons to have less faith in electric vehicles. In this article you will find reasons why electric driving is a promising and future-proof solution for passenger transport.

Emission-free driving

One of the main problems with fossil fuel cars is that they emit relatively high levels of pollutants, damaging the environment and air quality. Air quality is certainly a growing problem in large cities, with direct consequences for the health of residents. Now, there is still the debate that electric cars produce so many emissions during their production that driving them cannot compensate for them, but it has been proven several times that this is not true. Especially if the electricity for the batteries comes from renewable sources such as solar or wind energy.

Noise pollution

In built-up areas, the sound of starting and roaring engines can be a source of irritation and inconvenience. With electric cars, this is a thing of the past. The only things you will hear from these vehicles are the rolling noise and wind. The only downside is that pedestrians and cyclists will not hear you as well. It is therefore important to be aware of this as a driver in order to avoid accidents.

Driving comfort

Driving an electric car is a comfortable experience. One of the reasons for this is that an electric car is always an automatic. In fact, an electric motor has no gears at all and always has maximum power at its disposal. Driving an EV is especially enjoyable because you don’t have to shift gears and because you can slow down by pulling on the accelerator. When you do this, the car brakes because the dynamo starts working. So in many cases you can largely control an EV with one pedal. This is also called one-pedal driving. This is especially nice in busy areas, where a lot of accelerating and braking is required. Of course, if you want to brake faster, a brake pedal is available.

Cheaper fuel

For an electric car, you no longer need to fill up your car with fuel at the bizarrely high prices. You can simply ‘fuel’ your car at home at much lower electrical tariffs. There are also public charging stations along most motorways where you can charge your car at a relatively low rate, compared to fossil fuels. This network of charging stations is also growing due to the clever use of an EV Charging stations dataset by all kinds of tech and navigation companies. Such a dataset provides the right information that electricity suppliers need for a good EV charging infrastructure.

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