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Accounting software can make or break small and medium sized businesses. Discover how QuickBooks Enterprise can launch your business into success.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

QuickBooks Enterprise is an accounting software developed by Inuit for small-size to mid-size companies. It has the capacity to board 40 users on the same company file. QuickBooks Enterprise facilitates users with an end-to-end solution to manage and monitor their business inventory and finances without the need for ERP Software.

QuickBooks Enterprise is best suited for a business that is looking for financial and inventory management, sales tracking, easy reporting, and payroll management.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting enhances the capabilities of QuickBooks when hosted on the cloud. It provides better productivity and efficiency, which gives a business edge over its competitors.

With remote access and 24/7 support, work becomes easier. It comes with top-notch security, automated data backups, optimized resource usage, easy integrations with other applications, scalability, and much more.

Steps for Implementation of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

There are a few important steps that need to be followed to host QuickBooks Enterprise. The steps are:

Planning and Evaluation

A business must evaluate the cost of migrating QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud. A detailed cost comparison should be done between on-premises and hosted QuickBooks. An audit should be carried out by security analysts to analyze and test the tolerance, data security, and data backups of systems. After making a decision to migrate to QuickBooks Enterprise you need to opt-in for a good hosting provider.

Selecting The Hosting Provider

The company needs to set a budget for migration and annual fees before they migrate. It needs to be made sure that the hosting service should be experienced with QuickBooks and other plugin installations. The hosting provider should provide reliability and performance similar to or better than the existing platform.

The business needs to make sure that they get transparent access to their data and the application. It should be configured according to the business and not according to the hosting provider. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the guaranteed uptime should be reviewed properly before agreeing.

The vendor should provide professional support with a 24/7 contact service for any technical problems. They also need to make sure that they get disaster recovery options with the service, in which generally their data is backup on servers at different geographical locations. There are many Cloud Desktop Providers that provide all of these features at competitive pricing.

Migration Tools and Cloud Storage Options

Considering the migration strategy is the next step after choosing the Hosting Provider. Businesses can also see other migrating strategies and choose one according to their needs. One of the migrating strategies is live migration, where the running application would be moved to the cloud without any interruption and disconnection. QuickBooks Enterprise can be partially or fully hosted on the cloud.

Another is migration strategy is host cloning. Here the whole system is replicated to the cloud system and the data is migrated. There are many migration services to choose from and decide on.

Hosting the QuickBooks Enterprise

Now the QuickBooks local files will be moved from on-premise to cloud. All the files can be moved all together at once, or the business can move the less crucial data files with the least implications at first to test out the system whether it’s working fine or not. The migration can be monitored with the tools provided by the vendor. The business can also implement other plugins required through the vendor.

Once the QuickBooks Enterprise solution is hosted on the cloud, the business can log in and start working. They can work from anywhere, anytime.

As you see this was the detailed procedure to move QuickBooks Enterprise from on-premise to the cloud. Apps4Rent provides reliable services for products like QuickBooks with 24/7 support and maintenance. Not just QuickBooks, they also provide other services like GoDaddy Office 365 Email with reliable end-user support.

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