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The renowned blockchain innovation was first advanced in the year 2008. What do we know about ledger technology?

Quantum Tech Is Arriving Soon

As today we can see quantum computers and technology will be a massive change to our life.

Cyber Security and TVs, Computers, Phones all going to change soon.

Encryption of data will take a huge impact and our privacy is going to come back to action

Malware software will need A massive team of hackers and AI computers that will cos need

from them extreme money access to giant quantum technology developing new software’s

etc. Having said that as we have seen in any where there is a possible Security breach the

the human mind will find it and attack it. I hope this Quantum AI Futuristic chips could really keep

our data is safe for even the short run of 20-30 years before they will be hacked. I truly hope

this Tech will play for the good side of the coin and that it will also bring more opportunities

the younger generations that will need to catch up with Python and AI.  

Today I’m going to discuss with you how I see quantum in our near future, let’s go.

After all, we need to go back to TV’s topic. This site is about Movies and Shows.

Samsung is leading now with their quantum phone, and it looks as that their Quantum Tv’s

are doing well as well. Quantum dot TVs have increased quality over LCDs, and the affordable

price allows them to be accessible to the masses. 

You see this is a beginning of a better life, have you ever asked yourself why they are cheaper?

Imagine a Tesla with 1 chip doing the whole work of 5321 chips placed in an F35.

Have you seen the show Flash Season 7? Imagine “Flash chips” that’s Quantum power.

Quantum Computing Is Coming. What Can It Do?

  • Financial services. Finance was one of the earliest domains to embrace Big Data. And much of the science behind the pricing of complex assets — such as stock options — involves combinatoric calculation. When Goldman Sachs, for example, prices derivatives it applies a highly computing-intensive calculation known as a Monte Carlo simulation, which makes projections based on simulated market movements. Computing speed has long been a source of advantage in financial markets (where hedge funds vie to get millisecond advantages in obtaining price information). Quantum algorithms can increase speed for an important set of financial calculations.
  • Complex manufacturing. Quantum computers can be used in taking large manufacturing data sets on operational failures and translating them to combinatoric challenges that, when paired with a quantum-inspired algorithm, can identify which part of a complex manufacturing process contributed to incidents of product failure. For products like microchips where this production process can have thousands of steps, quantum can help reduce costly failures.

The opportunity for quantum computing to solve large scale combinatorics problems faster and cheaper has encouraged billions of dollars of investment in recent years. 

A Quantum-Dot TV Is an LCD TV

The first thing to know is quantum-dot televisions are a new type of LED-backlit LCD TV. The image is created just like it is on an LCD screen, but quantum-dot technology enhances the color. On an LCD TV, you have a backlight system, which is a bank of LEDs mounted at the edge of the screen or immediately behind it. That light is diffused, directed by a light-guide plate and beamed through a polarized filter. The photons then hit a layer of liquid crystals that either block the light or allow it to pass through a second polarized filter.

Super! So, This Is OLED for Less Money?

Not entirely. Color gamut is important, but it’s only one aspect of picture quality. Because these are LCD sets, they won’t have the blackest blacks, super-wide viewing angles, and amazing contrast of OLED. And while the extra brightness and saturation makes onscreen colors really pop, all that luminance may create light bleeding.

Writer: Daniel

Blog: NetflixTime

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