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Projector For News: Are They Worth It?

If you’re a fan of News. Watching News is your daily routine then we might suggest you to enhance your watching experience by the use of projectors. Moreover, Projector Focus provides a complete guide about great looking projectors. In this article, you will get a buying guide as well as our top pick of the best projector for News.

Buyer’s Guide

As a new buyer it is difficult for you to choose a projector. When you visit a shop multiple options are provided and you have to select a projector according to your requirements. We are here to help you select projectors for home theater. There are many factors you must keep in mind while buying a projector for News and video consumption. If you are a fan of classic News like Batman Returns, Krampus, Bad Santa and looking for a great watching experience then you must buy a projector to take your watching experience to the next level. Some of the highlighting features while buying a projector are mentioned below:

  1. Brightness:

The brightness levels or strength of lumens of a projector is a key feature to look for in a projector. The brighter the projector the better it is in distinguishing between dark colors. Normally in a dark room low brightness is not a big issue. But if you love to watch News like Twilight or Harry Potter then you must keep in mind that the News which show most scenes recorded in a dark place require a projector with high lumens for clear visibility. This would enhance your watching experience significantly.

  1. Resolution:

While buying a projector for News the resolution of the projector must be the most important aspect. No one can understand it better than the fans of the Marvel series. The projectors have a huge screen size so they must also have a better resolution to prevent the image from becoming grainy. Large . with a good resolution and frame rates can provide a crazy experience in gaming and media consumption.

  1. Sound:

If you love to watch Netflix shows then you must keep in mind that mostly in action News and Netflix shows the sound levels are not that great. So, while buying a projector you must look after a projector with better sound levels which are audible easily in a single room. Moreover, there must be a headphone jack available to attach external speakers with projector for better sound.

  1. Lamp Life:

Lastly, watching News on a projector is a long task which requires a great amount of screen-on time for a projector. Mostly when a projector gets hot its lamp is burnt so you must consider buying a projector with high lamp hours so it lasts longer than most of the projectors.

Our Top 3 Picks of Projector For News

  1. BenQ HT2050A:

BenQ HT2050A is such an incredible home theater projector which is an excellent deal for a price below 1000 dollars. Although its image resolution is 1080p which is not high enough and is considered average, still it forms a crystal clear image . And this is possible all thanks to the dual HDMI input which manages its color to contrast ratio. Moreover, its vertical lens shift makes it convenient to set up the image onto the screen.

Besides, its lifetime is enhanced to a great extent by the combination of DLP sealed engine & DLP chip micro-mirrors. This combination ensures that the device works for years without compromising the image quality. In addition, its in-built 3D speakers allow you to enjoy surround sound. This will surely enhance your already incredible screen time and that at a very reasonable price. Isn’t it an excellent deal?

  1. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB:

If you are looking for a projector with a cinematic experience then get Epson Home Cinema 5050UB. Buying this projector is similar to buying a projector of high theater quality. It allows you to transform your small room into a massive home theater with a large screen and 3 dimensional acoustics. It is certainly value for money when you get a top notch projector with a 2600 lumens brightness. Besides, its 4K resolution makes it compatible for binge watching News like fast and furious. Moreover, its 3 LCD chip technology accompanied by 4k resolution provides a sharp image as compared to other projectors.

This is an excellent deal if you are a News lover who likes to binge watch series and dramas. Apart from the aforementioned features it also contains a motorized lens which allows it to adjust the image according to the available screen size. Moreover, its compact style allows it to blend with the room ambience.

  1. Optoma UHD38:

Optoma UHD38 is known as an entertainment as well as a gaming projector. Being a gaming or home theater projector requires the projector to have a smooth working speed and clear picture quality. Its 4000 lumen brightness makes the image pop out of the screen. This intense brightness allows the users to watch series like Game of thrones which have dark scenes in the best possible way and without compromising on the picture quality.

But the most unique feature is its low lag time of 4.2 milliseconds which allows the projector to process images and videos without glitches. And like all other good home theaters it has 4K resolution and a refresh rate of about 240 Hz. Therefore, this projector is best for watching your favorite News and also gaming.


Are Projector For News Worth It?

News can be enjoyed on mobile phones, Tv or any other source. But people who love to watch News on a regular basis always love to view such content on a large screen. Projectors are the latest innovation of technology which provides screen sizes larger than 300′ inches. Moreover, projectors provide great detailed images along with high brightness and contrast. In addition to this, some projectors provide low latency mode which also helps gaming on projector. So, according to us for media consumption projectors are the best devices which provide value to money as well as take the media consumption to another level.


We have provided a complete guide about choosing and buying projector for News. In addition to this we have also suggested you three projectors as our best pick for News, gaming as well as office purposes. Projectors used for News are absolutely beast in graphics and colors. I hope this article will help you to select a projector for home theater.


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