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Presentation of the book «Synchronicity»

There are people here who have been in Writing and Meditation for many years, even before it was called Writing and Meditation. And yet, what they can tell today about what happened throughout this course has nothing to do with what they would have told two, three, five or ten years ago. That’s why, that’s why I like my job… “I like it” is a very understatement, really. And “work” too. It’s not my job, it’s my life. And it’s not that I like it, but that it overflows on all four sides. Sometimes, I have to say, it becomes almost unbearable, as happens to me every year when this date approaches. Life, so much life, surpasses me, I don’t understand it, it surprises me again and again, and the surprises continue to make me nervous. Is this really happening? Does all the beauty displayed throughout this course really converge in this moment, in this place, in your faces, in this book? Everything seems to indicate yes. And that is, in some way, inexplicable, it leaves me knocked out, and my heart seems about to explode. It is said that if someone who is not prepared for it suddenly experienced true compassion, his heart would not resist it and he would have a heart attack. Don’t worry, he’s not going to give me a heart attack, but what’s happening to me is a bit similar.

Throughout this course a lot of things have happened in Writing and Meditating. Each one of you, each one of you, has lived her own thing from her perspective, from the group she was with, from the accompaniment she chose, from her level of involvement… And I have lived it from my own perspective, which sometimes at times it was like that of an eagle that hovers over the valley where farmers till the land, and other times it was like that of a little ant that walks across a lettuce leaf. Now you will go out and tell things from your perspective, which is the one that matters most. I can only talk about mine. And from there, I can say that a lot of things have happened in this course:

For example, Mercedes Adan took a leave of absence from her civil service job and is becoming an experienced and empathetic teacher, and also a great support for me and for the Write and Meditate proposal.

This year we have also begun to hold face-to-face meetings, through the Write to be Present proposal, whose second meeting will be this Sunday, June 25. In this proposal we wanted to include work with the body, so important for the cultivation of our spirituality. In that sense, a vein has been opened in which Mercedes, who is the expert in this topic of the body and in combining it with speech writer, will continue exploring the next course.


Also this year, new resources have emerged that support our work, such as the book The Process of Presence, the audios and courses of the transpersonal psychologist Virginia Gawel, work with dreams mixed with writing and the approach to close experiences. to the death. Some of these resources and topics have emerged in the context of the Write and Meditate WhatsApp group, which already has more than one hundred respectful, conscious and involved people in the practice of meditation. In this group there are a couple of people (Isa Judi and Susana Simi) with serious illnesses, we have witnessed the death of Petri’s husband, Alicia’s parents, Pillar, Maribel, Inés… and We have been able to deal in a natural way with the topic of death and dying well, topics that tend to be taboo in almost all areas. All of these resources and exchange, along with what we already had from filming in meditation, writing and emotional exploration, forms an increasingly firm (and at the same time increasingly spacious) base that supports everything else.

Also this year I decided to open a new accompaniment, writing to Heal, which would be level II of the emotional exploration itinerary, after Breaking the Ice, and which has provided us with an unparalleled group experience, very difficult to describe (but I hope some of the participants can describe it to you better than I can). This course started out being called Writing to Heal Beta, because it was in the experimental phase, but in four months it went from the Beta phase to the Alpha phase. This course has been a true emotional and spiritual laboratory, in which we have been able to see how the well-directed energy of a group of people willing to explore themselves without self-deception, with creativity and with a solid methodology, it opens the way to an enormous field of information and a sphere of understanding that far transcends the capacity of each individual in the group.

Precisely from one of the participants in this group (Sole Roman) comes the title of the book, Synchronicity, and that cannot be coincidental, of course.


According to Carl Jung, “synchronicity” is “the temporal coincidence of two or more events related to each other in a non-causal way, whose significant content is the same or similar.” I suppose that a synchronicity is the technical and secular word for what has always been called a “miracle.” After this chosen title came out , we were talking about the word in the Writing to Heal group, and as a result of that talk I realized something surprising to me: that stories, that literature, does not work in a “causal” way. » , as I had always believed, but that everything is channeled so that, in the climax, a synchronicity occurs, that is, an event loaded with meaning that is neither coincidental nor a causel, in which different paths intersect in a magical, miraculous and, at the same time, perfectly congruent way. “Of course,” I said to myself when I realized this, “that’s why good literature is transcendent.” It is not an accumulation of causes and effects (what we call karma), but rather it opens us to a greater dimension, which does not deny the causal path that the characters follow, but does transcend it. This understanding I know will have repercussions on my methodology and, therefore, on the quality of the Writing and Meditation accompaniments.

What threads interweave reality with fiction, and to what extent this book brings together meanings within it. I have read all the stories and I have been surprised

So look at what threads reality and fiction are woven with, and to what extent this book brings together meanings within it. And, of course, in each of the stories that compose it, meaning opens up, a miracle occurs, synchronicity occurs. And I do not say it for say. I have read them all, since I have had to check them appallingly and stylistically. Most of them had read an earlier version. And I have to tell you that I was surprised. Let’s see, there is usually quality in the books from every year, because if there is something that can be said about the accompaniments of Ghostwriting Services and Meditating, it is that we make you work really hard. But this year, I don’t know, I was really surprised at how the stories have changed from the version that I had read and commented on, to the final story that you sent me for the book. Suddenly I said to myself: “Wow, if they pay attention to our comments.” In short, it is not the typical book of bad stories from beginners in a literary workshop. No: in all stories there is significance, in all stories there is depth, in all stories there is risk and in all stories there is enjoyment, entertainment. That is to say, it is good narrative that exudes love, love for people and love for words.

I wanted to thank all the authors for your involvement in the process, from the intangible aspects of the world of ideas until we have managed to configure a physical object that channels all that intangibility to make it beneficial for others. Also thank Javier Saturate, the creator of the cover, who is a former student who every year puts his two cents (or grain) of sand into the process. To the people at the Lanao printing press, especially Santiago Azores, the manager, and Maria José, the layout designer, who do an exquisite job.

To the Write and Meditate team, to Enda Soriano, who unfortunately could not come today, but who is punctually in charge of ensuring that we are on the networks, that people find out that we exist, and of much of that work that we It is not seen, but without which nothing else we do would be possible. And to Mercedes Adan, my dear friend, companion, companion and teacher, who is one of the few people (along with Enda) who has the capacity for work, empathy, knowledge, strength and flexibility enough to be able to work with me, something not easy.

I also want to thank the people who run the Maria Pandora, Eva and those of you who are here, for your enormous generosity in leaving us this wonderful space every year for so many years… Through Luis Miguel Madrid, before he died in the pandemic, and then through Eva, who took her generous relief. Thank you very much really.

Also thank all the authors who could not come, but those we have in our hearts; Fortunately, you have sufficient representation here through your colleagues. Thank you also to all the people who are following us right now through Instagram, thank you very much for your interest and participation. Thanks to my two wonderful children, Elmo (who is recording) and Ari, who is handing out the books… Thank you very much, my precious ones. And thank you very much, finally, to all of you who are here, whether or not you are part of the book, whether you come to appear or accompany us, thank you very much for your attention and warmth.

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