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Popular CBI Programmes – Country Facts Explored

Citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes offer individuals a unique opportunity to have the world at their fingertips. By investing in a foreign country’s economy, individuals can acquire second citizenship or residency rights by making substantial investments in the host country’s economy, such as real estate, government bonds, or business ventures. In return, they gain benefits such as visa-free travel access to multiple countries worldwide, expanded business prospects, enhanced global mobility, and potentially a more advantageous tax environment, thus leveraging their investments for increased opportunities and freedom of movement.

CBI programmes constantly evolve, with various countries offering different investment options and requirements. Presently, there exist no residency prerequisites or a simplified procedure enabling investors to capitalize on these prospects. Based on the information from IMI Daily, it is forecasted that with the ongoing compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23%, the revenue within the investment immigration market is anticipated to achieve $100 billion by the year 2025.

Some significant motivations behind participation in CBI programmes are the increasing number of people planning for a safety net during times of crisis, global mobility and business expansion opportunities, and tax benefits. One of the prime attractions of acquiring citizenship through investment is the newfound mobility it offers. Exploring the enhanced business prospects and the ability to access global markets becomes a reality for those who obtain international citizenship. Apart from mobility and business prospects, CBI programmes often present a more favorable tax environment. Investors aiming to broaden their portfolio and business ventures while maximizing tax efficiency should view participation in CBI programmes as essential for fostering global expansion.

A Yahoo Finance article highlighted that in 2020, Grenada reached an exceptional revenue milestone of nearly $100 million through its CBI program, setting a noteworthy precedent. Similarly, during this period, Antigua & Barbuda, as well as Vanuatu, experienced considerable financial success, each generating revenue exceeding $100 million via their individual CBI programmes.

Most Popular CBI Programmes Around the World

Some of the most popular and esteemed CBI programmes worldwide cater to varying investment preferences and levels, each offering unique advantages and options towards acquiring citizenship or residency rights. These include:


Dominica, a sovereign island in the Eastern Caribbean, hosts 12 stunning waterfalls, including the easily accessible Trafalgar Falls. With a population of 72,056, the island warmly embraces traditional communities and offers insights into local life.

The country grants a passport through their CBI programme, enabling visa-free access to 151+ countries, including Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Schengen area. This programme requires no residency obligations, offering minimal taxation on various incomes, recognition of dual citizenship, and a straightforward process lasting approximately six months. Applicants can choose between contributing to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) or purchasing government-approved real estate, each option featuring specific qualifications, fees, due diligence, and processing costs. These options cater to individual preferences and investment capacities.

St Lucia:

St. Lucia’s CBI programme presents a compelling opportunity in the Caribbean. Known for its pristine landscapes, the island offers visa-free travel to 131 countries, tax exemptions, and the freedom to live, work, and study in the country. Investors can choose from options like the National Economic Fund Contribution (starting at US$100,000), real estate investments (from US$200,000), or government bond investments (US$300,000), each with specific eligibility for dependents. With a straightforward application process that doesn’t mandate visits, St. Lucia’s programme stands out for those seeking a second passport and economic opportunities.

The nation’s economic prosperity is intricately tied to its dynamic tourism industry, highlighted by opulent resorts and stunning beaches that attract a steady flow of visitors. Travelers are presented with a plethora of exhilarating activities, including scaling Gros Piton or venturing on day tours to explore the surrounding areas and witness the awe-inspiring vistas of the Pitons. Additionally, boat tours are offered for those who wish to admire the Pitons from a distance. These majestic peaks, Gros Piton towering at 2,530 feet and Petit Piton at 2,438 feet, are situated in two distinct communities on the picturesque and volcanic island of St. Lucia.

St Kitts & Nevis:

St. Kitts and Nevis has a high-income two-island economy, with a GDP per capita of about $18,000 USD in 2021, the highest among the ECCU countries. The economy is dominated by tourism, representing about one-third of the GDP, and has also seen the emergence of construction, light manufacturing, and offshore banking activity. The country’s economy is exposed to natural disasters, with an annual average negative impact from natural disasters of 4.2% of GDP. Tourism, agriculture, and financial services play vital roles in the country’s economy, with tourism contributing significantly to the GDP, accounting for 43.6% in 2019, 20.1% in 2020, and 10.2% in 2021.

St Kitts & Nevis CBI programme provides visa-free travel to over 157 countries, dual citizenship recognition, minimal taxation, and a swift 3-4 month processing time. This programme offers four pathways: Sustainable Island State Contribution (SISC), Real Estate Option, Private Home Option, and Approved Public Benefit Project, each with varying investment requirements to secure citizenship in this idyllic Caribbean destination.


Grenada, known as the “Spice Isle,” is a cluster of Caribbean islands famous for its production of nutmeg and mace. Agriculture forms a significant part of the economy, with nutmeg, mace, and cocoa being primary exports. Grenada is home to the stunning Pink Gin Beach, known for its pinkish sand and clear waters.

The Grenada passport provides visa-free & visa-on-arrival access to 150+ countries, including the UK, Schengen nations, Russia, China, and Hong Kong. Holders may apply for the US E-2 Investor Visa after obtaining the Grenada passport, but eligibility requires three years of residency. There’s no mandatory physical presence or travel to Grenada during application processing. Foreign income remains untaxed, and dual citizenship is permitted. The citizenship-by-investment options include the National Transformation Fund with main applicant fees starting at USD $150,000 and the Real Estate Investment with investments from USD $220,000.

Antigua & Barbuda:

Antigua and Barbuda have distinct characteristics that make them appealing. Geographically, Antigua has a flat, lush landscape, while Barbuda has highlands that ascend to 143 feet at Lindsay Hill in the northeast.

The Antigua and Barbuda CBI programme offers several notable benefits. Firstly, it grants visa-free access to 151 countries, including the Schengen area, UK, Hong Kong, and Russia. The programme is family-friendly, extending eligibility to spouses, children under 30, and dependent parents over 55. It’s cost-effective for families and entails minimal taxation on wealth and foreign income. Recognizing dual citizenship, the programme also boasts a stable currency pegged to the US Dollar since 1976. The investment options include a non-refundable contribution starting from USD $100,000, real estate investment at a minimum value of USD $400,000, or a contribution to the University of West Indies Fund, depending on family size, with varying processing fees. For further details, contact Premier Consultancy.


Vanuatu, renowned for its breathtaking natural splendor, captivates a global audience with its array of attractions. Among the sought-after destinations are Mele Cascades, a captivating series of waterfalls situated approximately 10 km away from Port Vila on Efate Island. Ambrym, an island nestled in Vanuatu’s Malampa province, is revered for its spiritualism, kastom, and the mesmerizing presence of two lava lakes residing within Mount Benbow and Mount Marum.

The Vanuatu passport allows visa-free access to 129 countries, encompassing destinations such as the UK, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, various Caribbean nations, most Commonwealth countries, and Australia through a special e-visa arrangement. Another significant advantage is the absence of residency requirements, eliminating the necessity for personal visits or physical residency commitments. Participants also have the benefit of being recognized for dual citizenship. Individuals seeking citizenship through Vanuatu’s CBI programme can contribute either $130,000 or $180,000 for a family of four to Vanuatu’s local development fund, aiding the nation’s infrastructure, development, and regional economic growth.


Turkey is among the world’s leading producers of agricultural products such as cherries, hazelnuts, apricots, figs, and pomegranates. It is also a significant producer of textiles, motor vehicles, transportation equipment, construction materials, consumer electronics, and home appliances. The growing real estate sector has also become a magnet for investors, contributing to the growing interest in Turkey’s diverse economic opportunities. Obtaining Turkish CBI not only offers a route to a thriving lifestyle and global opportunities but also links directly to the burgeoning real estate sector. Investors not only gain access to visa-free travel, residency flexibility, and a stable geopolitical hub but also have the chance to capitalize on Turkey’s dynamic real estate market.


To summarize, Citizenship by Investment programmes represent a lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking global citizenship through economic investment in foreign nations. These programmes offer enhanced mobility, business prospects, and potential tax benefits. With the investment immigration market projected to reach $100 billion by 2025, the popularity and financial potential of these programmes are evident. Each country’s unique CBI programme caters to diverse investment preferences, empowering individuals with a strong second passport.

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