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Is buying a phone screen protector worth the cost?

Regarding caring for your accessories, protection is something you should never deny in terms of its importance. If you invest the hundreds of dollars needed in a smartphone, you want to keep it safe and sound. Apple smartphones, in particular, can cost you four-plus figures. With such a huge investment, do you really want to risk it being broken, smashed, or damaged?

With that in mind, many safety-conscious shoppers will invest in a screen protection device. These protectors give your screen an extra layer of durability so that when, not if, you drop your smartphone, the screen is secured. This means it is less likely to be left with cracks or snaps in the screen and ensures your phone remains perfectly functional.

Yet is it worth the money? An Apple screen protector, as you can find through companies like ViaScreens, is an investment. If you are someone who does not like spending money on add-ons and upsells, do you need a screen protector?

Do you need a smartphone screen protector? It depends on how you live your life

So, the first thing to ask yourself is this: how often do you drop things?

Many of us are the kind of people who live life at a rapid pace. This means that when we are halfway through one task, we are already mentally focusing on the next task. The fast pace of modern life almost forces us into this brisk pace. That is not a good thing, and it often means that we make small but expensive mistakes that hurt us down the line.

If you are the kind of person who has a habit of using your phone while preoccupied, too, you might need a screen protector. It is wise always to have some kind of meaningful protection if you focus 100% on the moment at hand.

So, think about how you go through your moment-to-moment living. Are you always moving from one event or activity to the next? Do you rarely stop to think? If so, you probably do need a screen protector.

Screen protectors are small costs in comparison to the price of a screen repair

Even if you are quite a safety-conscious individual, it only takes one moment of ill luck to smash a phone screen. Your phone only needs to be slightly wet, or your hand slightly wet, to slip free from your grip. You only need someone to bang into you on a busy street or public transport; your phone could become collateral damage.

If you are someone who is living life at 100mph and often cause damage to your hardware, you probably need a screen device. If you are safety-conscious, too, you could benefit from having a safety device attached to your smartphone.

The cost of a phone screen protector will be minimal compared to even the cheapest screen repair and/or replacement cost. Whether you are safety-conscious, risk-averse, or money-wise, a screen protector is a good investment.

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