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Senior men and women who live alone have a higher risk of falling and injuring themselves. Here's why you need to install personal alarms.

Installing personal alarms for the older adults in your home is safe and secure!

Senior men and women who live alone have a higher risk of falling and injuring themselves. Even minor mishaps can cause much harm; if first aid does not arrive in time, the results can be more traumatic. If you or your loved ones live independently, it is critical to consider installing a personal alarm system. There are many advantages of having personal alarms, such as:

  1. Quicker access to medical aid

After an accident (like a slip or a fall), personal alarms give immediate access to an operator. With a simple touch of a button, the user is granted access to assistance that will get them adequate help or call an ambulance as they need arises. The quicker first aid arrives; the highest are chances of recovery. Personnel alarm systems provide the elderly access to human assistance 24X7. Family and friends can be off-call during the day or night; an operator is always available for help in emergencies.

  1. Scare intruders

Unfortunately, older men and women often fall prey to intrusions because they are seen as easy targets. Personal alarms keep intruders away because they know help is always near. Though personal alarms are generally assumed to help with medical assistance, they also provide a great way to keep loved ones safe from intrusions. If an intruder does not enter the house, a user can quickly get help by speaking to an operator. Most petty intruders are usually scared off by the sight of the alarm system.

  1. Peace of mind for the user

It frequently happens that older adults develop mobility issues and become weary about carrying their mobile phones with them everywhere they go around the house. Personal alarms by MA Services are here to give peace of mind to them. These alarms are lightweight and pocket friendly, easy to carry around, and know that help is available with just the press of a button. One may relax on one thing even if the user falls and it’s unable to speak aloud; with only the push of a button, the operators will call for an ambulance right away.

  1. Peace of mind for others

It can be very stressful to know that your elderly parent lives alone away from you and might land in any unforeseen emergency. If the elderly have personal alarms, all family members will rest with increased peace of mind because they know that operators are available on call 24*7 in case of emergency. These alarms can adjust text and call friends and family if help is required. These alarms will keep family and friends free from worrying about their elderly while also, at the same time giving everyone the freedom and the independence they desire.

The faster medical aid arrives after an accident, the better the chances of a quick and complete recovery. Personal alarm systems improve the chances of better recovery because help is only a button push away at all times. The injured need not call an ambulance and provide them with the details; they need to press a button, and the operator will do the needful on their behalf. In series injuries, minutes make a difference between life and death, and having 24*7 monitoring systems is crucial for the safety of your loved ones.

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