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PDFgear-The Professional PDF Processor You Should Know

Compared to other file formats, PDF documents are preferred by most working professionals and teachers, and students. This is not only due to its strong compatibility so that it is not limited by any device or platform, but also because of its strong security and privacy protection. Non-editable so that any content in the PDF can not be modified, so there is no need to worry about sharing and delivery process because of the collaborators of improper or erroneous operation resulting in data loss or change.

However, because of this, even if you are an editor, you can not change the content of the PDF document. This has caused great inconvenience sometimes. When you need to repeatedly modify some small details, you need to recreate a copy. But PDFgear can give you help. It can convert PDF documents that cannot be edited into other document formats that can be edited or let you edit directly in PDF.

The Main Features of PDFgear

PDFgear, one of the best free PDF readers for Windows, can stand out from the many PDF processors in the market nowadays, which must have its unique advantages. The first is its simple operation process and friendly tutorials. You can see the tool in the interface of any tool text and video demonstration of the steps. Second is its comprehensive and powerful feature offer. You can complete the conversion of 15 different file formats to each other, crop, merge, split, edit, and read PDF. And even help you unlock PDF without password! Then there is its powerful compatibility. 

Both online tools and offline software are available for all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Last but not least is its reliable privacy policy: PDFgear does not force users to register and sign in and will erase all your files as soon as you exit the web page or program. So it gives all users data security protection.

Pros and Cons

All software or tools cannot be perfect, and of course, PDFgear has some shortcomings despite its many advantages. However, their support team is still in the process of continuous improvement and upgrading according to the comments made by users.


  • Completely free, with no hidden charges or deductions.
  • Powerful and meets almost all the needs you are involved in daily.
  • Easy to operate, almost all tools are used and completed with a few simple clicks.
  • Highly secure, no personal information or data files are saved by guest login.


  • Occasional unresponsiveness.
  • Some batch processing tools require a desktop or mobile download to use.

Main Interface of PDFgear

PDFgear is very user-friendly and provides you with two processing modes, online and offline.

PDFgear Online Tool

PDFgear Online Converter and Editor is a web-based tool. When you have sufficient internet access, you can go to the official website of PDFgear and locate the tool you need for specific operations.

The home page of the website shows you the salient features of PDFgear as well as the download buttons for different systems. At the same time, the top is a possible expansion of the functional board summary area. Mainly divided into six sections: Convert PDF, Compress PDF, Merge PDF, Features (showing all the functions covered by PDFgear online tools), Tools (click to jump to the specific features of the operation page), and Blogs (you can get all the PDF-related advice here).

PDFgear Offline Software

When you have no choice but to work while traveling or when the network fails, you may not be able to connect to the network. At this time, if you have PDFgear software installed on your device, then you can perform any PDF-related operations without any hassle.

When you double-click the PDFgear desktop icon to open the software, you can see the main interface is divided into three main areas. File upload panel, the function panel, and the history panel. In the upload panel, click “Open File” to select a PDF from a local file for import. In the offline software, you can batch-process files, which will save you a lot of time. And your uploaded PDF files will be displayed in “Recent” so that you can double-click to open them directly next time to improve your work efficiency.

Alt Text: Main Interface Display of PDFgear Desktop Software.

Support on PDFgear

PDFgear provides a contact channel for all viewers and users, so you can give them feedback on your experience or some suggestions after using it. Their support staff will test your emails and messages after they receive them. At the same time, all the technical and operational staff of PDFgear will regularly test and use the tool to give feedback on the problems encountered in the process of use, and then make improvements and updates so that they can provide users with a smooth and fast PDF processor.

Moreover, PDFgear provides you with a repository of just the Blogs page. Even though you may not be able to receive timely feedback from PDFgear due to holidays or other reasons, you can search in PDFgear’s Science Library to find articles that meet your needs. All the articles here provide you with detailed answers and list the specific steps, these instructions are very clear and illustrated, you will not feel confused when reading. Moreover, PDFgear provides you with a general classification, so you can locate your needs more quickly in the corresponding categories.

Alt Text: The Blog Center in PDFgear.

To Sum Up

Compared with other PDF editors or converters in the market, The biggest advantage of PDFgear is that it is a completely free all-in-one PDF processor for cropping, splitting, merging, editing, and converting. Compared with Adobe Acrobat which needs a subscription expensive fee, PDFgear can win with its free advantage. Compared with other free or open-source PDF editors, PDFgear is often able to beat the competition with powerful and professional features.

Although PDFgear still has some shortcomings and is not perfect. But it can meet the needs of most people and provide a suitable solution for users from all over the world. At present, PDFgear is in the development and growth stage, if you want to find a PDF editor that can be used for a long time. Then, you might as well look forward to PDFgear which is developing at a high speed.

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