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S1 of Dota2 was hosted by Parimatch this year for the first time, bringing fans from all walks of life together under one roof. Here's what we know.

Parimatch conducts the first ever E-sports

Esports continues to grow in popularity, calling teams of professional and rookie gamers to compete head to head in some of the best and most popular world watches. Betting company Parimatch, has noticed a bump in its growth, especially after hosting season 1 of the Dota2 competition. 

The contest enjoyed high participation, high offline attendance of the key events, and much more online viewing, making the Dota2 battle a rising star of the CIS e-sports. 

Season 1 of Dota2 was hosted by Parimatch this year for the first time and was held in the Yota Arena, bringing fans from all walks of life together under one roof. In the final rounds, 4 teams competed among each other for the chance to make it to the grand final, where the 2 top teams would play their hearts out for the chance to be crowned champions and walk away with the prize of $40,000. 

The match came highly anticipated, with more viewers than ever watching as the competition unfolded. The USA and China both were part of the countries that broadcast the final event, with Parimatch reporting that around 6 million viewers were reached in all. The finals came with a lot of buzz, as the league’s favorites like Spirit, jfshfh178, and HR. Dota2 battled it out. As a result, the teams of HellRaisers and Virtus.Pro met in the final, with the latter taking the championship title. 

As the new season approaches, the number of views and participants are reaching an all-time high, with an average of 136,000 users to the site per day. With Parimatch’s recent announcement of an increased prize pool of $100,000 next season, followers are flocking in, watching closely as top teams from around the world apply for the qualifications round. 

Season 2 also leaves much excitement for participants, allowing them to compete not on an invitation basis, but based on their performance in the qualification rounds. The qualification matches will be played throughout December 2019 and in January 2020, with weak teams getting knocked out and the finalists getting to season 2 battles revealed. 

As far as the main competition is concerned, it is set to occur in May of 2020 with a significant finale event in the works to bring fans and spectators together once again. Parimatch plans to keep this momentum, with projects to create their own league very soon. The qualification results are continually updated on the betting company’s official website, including key stats to narrow down your choice of the Season 2 winner. 

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