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Do you have your brand and an investor-approved business plan? Here's how you can promote your new online store.

How to Promote a New Online Store: Choose a Channel

Do you have your brand and an investor-approved business plan? Have you decided that all sales will go through the e-store (the site is still under development), and you already need to estimate the approximate SEO costs per month? You definitely forgot about secure connection, so check the residential proxy price now to get it.

This is how many anti-cases are born. It seems that you approach the project carefully and choose SEO as a tool for long-term development and bringing the site to the top. Nothing like that.

According to Forbes, 8 out of 10 companies fail within the first 18 months. In the US, for example, 543,000 new companies open every month, and 75% of them will never have employees.

For comparison: the first results from SEO appear within 5-6 months. Sometimes you have to wait a year — search engines distrust new sites. An online store simply cannot live without profit for so long. Therefore, of course, the site should be optimized during development, but contextual advertising should be the main channel for promoting the site as a new brand.

Contextual Advertising Will Determine the Business’s Potential

Before starting the project, you already have a ready-made market analysis, competitor analysis, purchase behavior research, and focus group survey results. And as a result of these studies, hypotheses should be ready: how and for which target audience to advertise the product.

  1. With the help of contextual advertising, you can quickly test all hypotheses by correctly directing targeted traffic to product pages. At the same time, you do not need a ready-made site — a suitable landing page is enough.
  2. At this early stage, the aim isn’t even to sell anything; rather, the goal is to collect as much data as possible about the user’s behaviors on the page, such as where he paused, what he clicked, and whether he went to the checkout.

On the page, request any action from the user. Giving your email address is tedious; playing the game is entertaining. The number of completed actions can be used to determine visitor interest. The number of users who returned after the campaign finished demonstrates the amount of interest as well. Set up multichannel sequences to evaluate the real impact of the campaign.

Based on the data acquired, you may fine-tune the description of the target audience.

However, a lack of early conversions is not a signal. Specialists might spend weeks optimizing and testing campaigns before they begin to pay off. The exception is inexpensive things purchased impulsively. The second exception — the professional was able to precisely target a hot demographic that was already prepared to buy.

The effectiveness of the ad, the use of negative keywords, and the timing of the display are just a few of the variables that affect conversions. The rise of direct and branded traffic, an increase in the number of calls and registrations, and other indirect indicators are frequently used to gauge the effectiveness of the first campaigns.

Contextual Marketing Lays the Groundwork for Other Forms of Marketing

You will be able to gather data about the intended audience. Remarketing will allow advertisers to contact consumers who clicked on their ads in the future and, for example, ask them to leave their email in exchange for a discount.

You will get a list of quality keywords. When you go to the Quick Stats report in Google Ads, you will see a list of keywords with high clicks. This is a ready-made list of keywords to compete for in organic search. Saving money and time for the SEO specialist.

This is an excellent source of ideas for a content plan. Keywords with high CPC and zero search visibility can provide valuable ideas for the content plan of a future blog or news section.

SEO is a channel that does not provide guarantees and requires a lot of resources (especially time) from the client. Contextual advertising is needed to test the business potential of a new eCommerce project. If the campaign is successful, it makes sense to order search promotion of the site.

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