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Benefits of Using the Online Notepad Tool

Are you worried about saving your to-lists and ideas? And still on the lookout for a reliable and smooth notetaker tool? Then think no further. We are bringing a great online notepad that will solve all your work-related problems. 

This online notepad will help you jot down your texts and ideas immediately. You can also make edits and changes to your document without any hindrance. In short, the online notepad will quickly become your go-to notetaker thanks to its unique features. 

If you want to know more about what this magical tool offers, keep reading. 

The Online Notepad 

An online notepad tool is a note-taker software that is easy to use and is free. Users can enter plain text and do other writing-related tasks on this tool. It is also a text editor and provides helpful text size and type features.

All you need to do is open the DNS checker website and start typing away. The notepad is a yellow-colored online sheet with lines to separate written text. The top of the sheet has a bunch of editing and saving features for the users to make this tool user-friendly.

Benefits of Using the Notepad Tool

Following are some of the main benefits a user will get if he wishes to use the online notepad tool for his tasks. 

  • Free tool

The online notepad tool that the DNS checker website provides is free to use. All you need to do is open the ‘’ website and start typing away.

  • No Personal Information Required

Unlike other websites and software, the online notepad does not require your personal information. Therefore, you can benefit from the online notepad without putting in your email, phone number, username, etc. 

  • Web-Based Tool

An online notepad is a web-based tool, so you do not have to waste time downloading/ installing the app and keeping it updated. Instead, you can use it in your web browser after connecting to the internet. 

  • Keeps the Count of Words/Characters

Like any writing tool, the online notepad also keeps a tab of the word count and the character count. The tool will calculate the word count even if you paste a copied text. 

  • Supports Various Extensions

The online notepad supports various file extensions such as TXT, HTML, JSN, PHP, etc. This means the users can upload files with these extensions directly from their gadget.

  • Downloadable Files

You can also save the notepad files on your computer. Press the Ctrl+ S to save the written file as a ‘.txt’ extension on your device. Or, you can go to ‘files’ and click ‘save’ to download the file.

  • Edits Texts

Apart from the features of writing notes and saving them, the online notepad can also work as a text editor. Click the ‘View’ tab and select preferences from the drop-down menu. Then you can change the font size, type, and weight along with dark mode and text lines.

  • Autosave Features

Users can auto save the written text to keep a copy in case of a failed internet. One can start autosaving by ticking the option in the preferences window.

  • Multiple Pages

The notepad tool has the additional feature of working on multiple pages simultaneously. For example, press the File tab, then press open file. It will open multiple files you can work on at a time. 

10. Compatible Tool

The notepad tool is user-friendly and has a good user interface. As a result, you can use this tool on various devices like your laptop, PC, smartphone, and even tablets. 

11. Option to Use the Whole Screen

The online notepad is not a small, hard-to-use tool. And because it is user-friendly and easy to use, you can view the notes on the whole screen. It will enhance your writing experience. Just press Alt+ X to enter full-screen mode

12. Helpful for Students

Students use the majority of note-taking tools. Similarly, the online notepad is also an excellent note-taker if you are a student. You can easily take notes, save ideas, secure links, and enter the to-do lists to make your everyday tasks fun.

13. Bloggers Heaven

A blogger or a writer can easily use this tool to save important links, make points during their research, and brainstorm ideas because it is a straightforward and smooth online notepad.

14. Short Commands

Lastly, the online notepad tool has a bunch of short commands for every feature; it will help make your work efficient. For example, Ctrl+ P prints text while Ctrl+ S saves the text as a file. You can also delete the selected text by pressing the ‘delete’ button.


In today’s era of the internet and electronic devices, having an electronic notetaker is becoming a necessity. Therefore, this online notepad tool can benefit the users and provide easy access for putting in their thoughts and ideas. 

Are you now ready to try a new way of using your traditional journals and diaries?

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