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Clean air is essential to a healthy life. Discover which Okaysou purifiers are best suited to your needs and your living situation.

Start breathing clean air with Okaysou purifiers

Keeping the air clean is crucial, especially at a time where most of us are indoors. Okaysou offers a stellar catalogue of air filters and purifiers, to ensure that you are breathing nothing but clean, refreshing air when you walk around your house or office space. 

Each product in the Okaysou catalogue comes with their own unique benefits, so we felt it best to break down some of their most notable purifiers so you can determine which one best suits your daily needs.


The AirMic4S is specially designed for small to large rooms, bedrooms, offices, kitchens, and nurseries. It boasts a medical grade H13 True HEPA filter, which traps a staggering 99.97 % of particles at MPPS (0.21 microns). By comparison, the low grade HEPA filters traps between 85% to 99.5% of contaminants.

The HEPA filter isn’t the only standout aspect of the AirMic4S, however. It can also stamp out trickier breathing impairments like kitchen odors, pollen, pet dander, pet hair, smoke, household odors, harmful gases like formaldehyde, ammonia, VOCs. AirMic4S circulates air up to 2x per hour in a room size of 580 sq. ft. / 3x per hour in 300 sq. ft. / 5x per hour in 150 sq. ft. This is the perfect choice for those who want a straightforward and effective tool to stamp out air contamination.


Okaysou’s AirMax8L has all of the perks of the AirMic4S and more. It can capture 99.97 % of air pollutants, and can easily remedy lingering kitchen odors, and allergenic scents like pollen, hair, and smoke. It can also perform heavy duty activities like break down harmful gases that may be present in the home or workplace.

The AirMax8L is ideally suited to pet owners who want to keep their home clean. The device’s ultra-duo filtration system, combined with its three stage-ultra filtration, will allow you to eradicate pet dander and stray animal hair. Guests won’t even know that you have a pet!

AirMax10L Pro

The AirMax10L Pro is the Cadillac of Okaysou products. It boasts a staggering number of special designs and benefits, including a beautiful square light panel, smart sensor, medical grade Dual-Nanois HEPA, new ECO mode, smart auto mode, new TURBO mode, and Child-Lock mode.  

The AirMax10L Pro can perform all of the actions that the aforementioned models can, but it can do so in a greater range of space. It purifies a room up to 1,000 square feet in one hour, 600 square feet in 30 minutes, 300 square feet in 15 minutes. That’s efficiency and speed you can’t beat.

Final thoughts

Cleanliness is more important than ever, and maintaining clean air in your home is a huge part of maintaining that cleanliness. Okaysou offers some of the finest filtration products on the market, which you can order from the safety of your computer chair.

Don’t delay– start breathing better and feeling better today!

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