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Nexo Crypto Insurance? Get Your Cryptocurrency Insured

Cryptocurrency Insurance is a fast growing industry that is gaining a lot of popularity. This is not surprising since cryptocurrency and other forms of digital assets have become the preferred choice of investment for most people. And we need to be sure our crypto and other digital assets are safe in order for us to have peace of mind. You can now get great crypto insurance for your crypto and digital assets both within and outside the Nexo wallet.

Why Crypto Insurance is Important

It is advisable not to keep all your eggs in one basket. And this is also very true when it comes to crypto. The endless debate and confusion over “hot vs. cold storage, custodial vs. non-custodial wallets” is one we are all very familiar with, which is why we have done something about it. Cryptocurrency Insurance allows you to manage your crypto and other digital assets in Nexo and other wallet without the fear of losing them, while also having the benefits of the best crypto insurance policy!

So how does our wallet work, where are your assets, and where is our insurance coming from? Find out here.

Crypto Insurance Policy offers the best crypto insurance policy. The Nexo wallet is only a custodial wallet, which means that a third party actually stores and secures your assets. We employ services from BitGo, Ledger Vault, and other well established partners to ensure top-tier storage for all assets placed under our care.

We use multiple trusted custodians in order to diversify our comprehensive custodial infrastructure. Consequently, your digital assets are held in a mix of hot and cold storage by partners in various geographical locations, making it exceptionally difficult for unauthorized parties to gain access to them, but also lending you the needed flexibility to be efficient in the dynamic crypto market.

Finally, the instant crypto credit lines unifies all the information about your assets from our custodial partners and presents it in a comprehensive, simple, user-friendly UX so that you can instantly manage your crypto, gain instant access and also earn interest product.

How Does Crypto Insurance for Crypto Work?

Crypto Insurance simply offers protection for your cryptocurrency and other digital assets incase of any unforeseen loss. So let us define what Crypto Insurance is, and how it works. Crypto insurance protects against losses associated with crypto scam, crypto theft, crypto loss and other cybersecurity breaches. Most cryptocurrency exchanges provide at least some insurance to protect digital assets against losses from security breaches and theft.

Insure Your Crypto Against Loss

Because cryptocurrency is not legal tender, it is not protected in the same way as other deposits might be. recently launched a policy that covers owners for the loss of assets from personal wallets as well as popular exchanges. You get the following services and more with Cryptocurrency Insurance;

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Can You Insure Your Crypto?

When we reached out to representatives from both the SIPC and the FDIC confirmed that neither currently insures crypto assets. That means there is no federal protection for your cryptocurrency. As far as the government is concerned, you’re on your own. So when it comes to insuring your crypto, your best bet will be to use the best personal crypto insurance company that provides both personal and crypto exchange insurance policy. You can be sure to get the best crypto insurance with

Get Personal Crypto Insurance proudly holds the title of being the most customer-focused financial insurance policy provider for digital assets, we acknowledge that working with crypto has inherent risks. The blockchain space is evolving rapidly and with it – the potential threats. That’s why continuously works to offset these dangers through our robust insurance policy.’s total insurance is currently valued at over $3.5 billion and comes through partnerships with leading blockchain, and insurance companies as well as other digital assets custodians whose facilities are insured via on this reputable platform.

Our current insurance is already among the highest in the crypto lending industry. But we’re not stopping there. In line with our commitment to constantly improving our security infrastructure, aims to up its insurance to $10 billion by the end of 2022.

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