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Netflix Subscription Packages and Payment Options in Pakistan

Netflix is a global video streaming service provider. It has gained much popularity in Pakistan as well. Its vast content library and budget-friendly packages have made it a go-to entertainment choice for many.

The blog covers everything from Netflix packages and features to convenient payment methods and subscription details.

Best Netflix Packages with Prices

Netflix packages are divided into four main packages. These packages are designed according to viewers’ preferences and the budgets of different customers. The details of these packages are described below.

1.    Mobile Package

This newly introduced plan offers exclusive access to Netflix’s complete content library, specifically designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Streaming quality is limited to 480p. This Netflix package price is Rs. 250/Month.

2.    Basic Package

The Basic Plan gives you access to the entire content library but limits you to streaming on just one screen at a time, and the video quality is limited to Standard Definition (SD). This Netflix package will cost you Rs. 450/Month.

3.    Standard Package

The Standard Package offers something extra for you. It allows you to stream on two screens at the same time. This is a budget-friendly option as you can share screens with friends or family members. Moreover, you can avail the superior picture and sound quality through High Definition (HD) in this package. The cost of this Netflix package is Rs. 800/Month.

4.    Premium Package

The Premium Package is the one that has something to offer for nearly everyone. It also provides the best sound and picture quality with Ultra High Definition (UHD) content. It is a cost-effective option as it can be shared among four users. The cost of this Netflix package is Rs. 1000/Month.

In a recent survey, it was found that 60% of Netflix in various countries including Pakistan, the USA, and UK prefer the Premium package.

Subscription Process for Netflix Packages

To subscribe to Netflix in Pakistan, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Netflix Website:

First, Go to the Netflix official website. On the homepage, you will find a button that says “Join Free for a Month.”

  1. Create an Account:

Another page will open When you click the join free for a month button. You must provide some basic information on this page like your email id and password. this information will then be used to create your Netflix account.

  1. Choose a Plan:

After creating your account, you now choose a Netflix subscription plan. Select the plan that suits your preferences and budget.

  1. Enter Payment Information:

Now you have to make the payment by providing the necessary information. Netflix accepts payment through credit or debit cards. you will provide the necessary card information and then you will be good to go. After you have filled this information, click “Start Membership” to start the subscription process.

  1. Start Streaming:

After you have made the payment successfully, you are now subscribed to use the vast content available on Netflix. You can watch Netflix on devices including smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, computers, etc.

Payment Methods for Netflix Packages

Netflix provides convenient and flexible payment methods for package subscriptions. The payment methods are described below.

●      Payment through the Netflix Website

You can pay for the package through the Netflix website by performing the following steps.

  1. First, open the Netflix website and complete the sign-up process.
  2. Now you have to Choose the payment method. Netflix allows payment through debit or credit card only.
  3. You have access to cancel your subscription at any time.
  4. Remember your access to Netflix will continue until the end of the paid period.

●      Payment through PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited)

PTCL customers can also add their Netflix package fees to their monthly PTCL bills. To avail of this payment option, you need a PTCL landline connection. The best part is that you have the flexibility to opt out of this service whenever you wish.

●      Payment through Telenor

Telenor postpaid customers now have the convenient option to use Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) for their Netflix package payments. Follow the below steps to make the payment.

  1. First, select “Telenor postpaid bill” as your payment method.
  2. Now confirm the transaction with the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  3. Consider increasing your credit limit to ensure smooth and hassle-free payments.

Final Words

Netflix offers many amazing and budget-friendly packages and screen share options for you to enjoy with your friends and family. The packages range from Rs.250-1000/ month. People can choose according to their budget and preferences.

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