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In this in-depth review, you will find out everything about Netchex, this online payroll software. Continue reading!

Reviewing the Top Online Payroll Software – Netchex

Many companies struggle to manage their payroll effectively. The reason? There’s too much workload in this department. Also, the chances of mistakes being made are quite high. Therefore, it’s important that you start using payroll software for accountants if you haven’t already.

Now the question arises, which payroll program to use. As there are many payroll software solutions available, it can become daunting to choose the best one. While the standard procedure that’s followed is reading reviews, comparing prices, and whatnot!

However, we will save you from all this trouble and present you with one of the best payroll tools available, Netchex. In this in-depth review, you will find out everything about this online payroll software. Continue reading!

What is Netchex?

Netchex is a payroll administration software application. You only need to provide basic information about your employees, such as their hourly/day wage and other pertinent information, and it will handle payroll for you automatically. It can also compute taxes, simplify administrative tasks, and keep track of your employees’ time and attendance.

Benefits of Using Netchex

A Wide Range of Features

Netchex despite being a payroll application can also assist you with a variety of other business chores. Important activities such as time and attendance management, onboarding, recruitment, tax administration, and so on may be done easily with the aid of its variety of capabilities.

When you purchase a Netchex membership, you are paying for more than just payroll. You are truly obtaining a tool that will assist you in efficiently managing various company chores and activities.


Payroll specialists are typically hired on a high-paying basis. It’s fairly usual for errors to be made when calculating wages, notwithstanding their services. And correcting these errors might take a lengthy time.

Because the entire process is automated, the odds of such errors are minimal when Netchex is implemented. You also won’t have to pay hefty payroll salaries because the program will take care of everything. This makes it a cost-effective choice

Netchex is also reasonably priced. You can select from a variety of payment options. When choosing one for your organization, however, it is advised that you examine the features offered as well as other aspects. You can also design a customized payment plan by incorporating elements specific to your business.

Demos Available

On Netchex’s website, you may see a demo of each function. Each demo is essentially a tutorial that will assist you in learning how to use each feature. This will instruct you on how to use the many features of this online payroll application.

Simple to Use

Netchex, unlike other payroll software systems, is very easy to use. It doesn’t need a lot of technical knowledge or experience. So, even if you don’t have an IT background, you can use Netchex quite effortlessly and make use of all of its capabilities.

It is Online

Netchex is online payroll software. This means that it is cloud-based, and you can access it from anywhere. You don’t always have to be in the office to manage payroll. If there’s a query related to your payroll, you can handle it on the go, no matter where you are located in the world. This also makes it easy for employees to access their records.


Feature of Reporting Needs Improvement

Netchex provides extensive analytics and may also generate customized reports for your organization. However, we would want to see additional possibilities in this function. There should be additional formats to select from when creating detailed reports, for example.

No Pricing Mention on the Website

Another thing we didn’t like is that the price plans are not mentioned on the website. Users nowadays like to have a rapid overview, and if you do not provide them with what they desire, you will lose them.

With Netchex, you must contact customer care to obtain payment plan details, which might drag down the entire process.

The Final Verdict

Netchex is one of the top payroll software systems available, based on the benefits and drawbacks described above. If you’re seeking one, don’t go any further than Netchex. 

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