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MusicSnake Launches CryptoSnake Deals to Bring Blockchain Tech to Fans

MusicSnake Launches CryptoSnake Deals to Bring Blockchain Tech to Fans

Renowned music producer Fred King, also known as MusicSnake, has recently introduced CryptoSnake Deals, a dedicated page on his website, This unique platform aims to popularize blockchain technology by offering fans the best crypto deals, discount promo codes, and exclusive products developed in collaboration with leading crypto brands.

Fred King, speaking about the launch, emphasized that the CryptoSnake Deals page exclusively showcases products he personally uses and believes in. The page currently features enticing discounts on the upcoming Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville, an event that Fred King himself plans to attend. Additionally, users can find exclusive promo codes and discount links for popular crypto wallets like Trezor, Tangem, Dcent, Ballet, and more.

In a notable partnership, MusicSnake has joined forces with Stamp Seed to transfer a design inspired by his music video, ‘Stack Sats’ released in November 2023, onto a titanium seed plate. This unique collaboration provides an ideal medium for storing precious satoshis and doubles as a distinctive gift or collector’s piece.

Known for his fervent support of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, MusicSnake has consistently incorporated blockchain-related themes into his music. In 2020, he expressed his enthusiasm for Bitcoin growth in the lyrics of “Icy Flight,” stating, “I celebrate Bitcoin growth, crypto – true, dollar – false.” Continuing his crypto journey, MusicSnake released the track ‘Stack Sats’ in 2023, featuring prominent figures like Michael Saylor, Ben Armstrong (ex-Bitboy Crypto), and Crypto Wendy O. Currently, the artist is working on his upcoming song, “Cold Storage,” dedicated to hardware wallets.

MusicSnake’s foray into the crypto deals space reflects not only his belief in blockchain technology as the future of finance but also his commitment to providing fans with valuable opportunities and exclusive products within the crypto realm. As the industry continues to evolve, MusicSnake remains at the forefront, bridging the gap between music and blockchain technology for his diverse and growing fan base.

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