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Are you ready to give your TikTok account a huge burst of new views? These four incredible tips will help give your account the reach it deserves.

4 Amazing Ways to Get More TikTok Views

TikTok has made huge strides in the social domain with over a billion downloads from the android store alone. It’s a great platform for content creators to showcase their skills and gain a following.

But as always, competition is tough and getting views is a cumbersome task. In this article, we’ll discuss 4 ways you can get more TikTok views.

Complete your TikTok profile

When you first set up your account, TikTok requires you to fill in some necessary information before getting started.  While some people realise their importance, most people are too excited to start that they don’t put the efforts they should. An incomplete or unattractive profile might send potential followers away. Would you invest your time engaging with someone suspicious?

That’s saying that an uninformative profile indicates fraud or spam.  But when you take the time to complete your profile, it shows you’re serious about your presence on the platform and people can trust you. But completing your profile isn’t the only thing that’ll encourage people to watch your videos. You must craft every part of your profile with care, and in a way it appeals to your viewers.

For instance, a blurry profile picture might deliver a poor impression. Believe us, impressions matter.  You can start by brainstorming usernames that suit your content or choose your own name. As far as the profile picture is concerned, use a high-quality one. This’ll help people know who they’re following. Therefore, before you start your TikTok journey, complete your profile with care.

Identify your audience

Who is your target audience? This is an important question you need to answer before creating your content. If you don’t know for whom you’re creating your videos, you won’t be able to target them properly. Social platforms are crowded and if you aim to attract everyone, you’ll fail because different people have different interests, and they hate when someone tries to entice them without providing value.

This is why you need to first decide what are your strengths and then create content around it. By doing this, you will attract people interested in your area of work. Another reason you shouldn’t create videos on random topics is there are only a few things you can be good at. Creating content across various niches isn’t simple and won’t bring out the best in you.

That alone is a negative point in your TikTok journey because people want the best content. If they don’t provide them the best, they would easily move to another TikTok user. Hence, it’s crucial to find your niche and audience.

Create only high-quality videos

The first point to note down before even opening the TikTok application is: There’s little to no room for error. But don’t worry, we’re not saying you’re not allowed to make mistakes.  Obviously, mistakes are crucial while growing, but be careful while creating your videos because people are picky and hop on your mistakes. Whether you fumbled or missed a step, people are going to notice. This’ll create a poor impression of you.

It becomes more important when you know there’s a million other users in your niche creating superlative videos.  You don’t want to lose your hard-earned viewers to them. Hence, make sure your videos are crystal clear, the audio is sharp, and you practice before recording.

Finally, ask yourself: Are my videos proving value to the audience? Are they entertaining or educating them? If yes, then continue to do what you’re doing. If not, then find out where you’re lacking because value matters to people.


People love when their favourite TikTok users collaborate to produce content for them. This is also a great way for both the collaborating TikTok users to reach new audiences. If the new audience likes your content, they might follow you or watch more of your videos. TikTok itself promotes collaborating with its duet feature where you can create a duet with another user without even meeting the person.

But you must choose your partner wisely because often TikTok users aim big, hoping to bag big players with massive following and fail accordingly. Why would someone with a huge number of followers collaborate with you? Hence, start by reaching out to users with the number of followers as you.


There you go, 4 ways to get more TikTok views. You should always create quality content and ensure that whatever you’re doing, you’re putting your best efforts. This should be your driving force when aiming for more views.

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