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Don't have a professional network? Grow your circle of influence and make real, long-lasting connections via LinkedIn. These tips can help!

How To Get More LinkedIn Connections

When we think of growing social media, we think of growing our Instagram or TikTok, we often neglect to think about LinkedIn, which is much to our detriment. Whilst it is good to want to grow our Instagram and TikTok accounts, they aren’t placed in the real world per say, whereas LinkedIn is. 

LinkedIn can get you that raise that you want, it can get you the job in the sector that you want, so why do we overlook this in favour of platforms that aren’t often in reality? 

Well, we’re going to help you, here is how you can grow your LinkedIn and get more LinkedIn followers and connections

Long Form Posts

The beautiful thing about LinkedIn is that you can really showcase your skills, values and motivations for your job. You aren’t limited to characters or how long a video is, you can really write meaningful prose that can tell a story. The posts that go viral on LinkedIn are those that are long in nature but articulate and get to the point. 

They are uplifting stories that make people remember that there is some good in the world and then they want to share it. It is this sharing of your stories and getting your name out there that will increase your connections. You will want to make sure that you are writing correctly and adequately for the platform, it may take a couple of goes to get the result you want, but we promise the result will be worth it. 

It is always worth sharing content from other users, especially if that content is relevant, well written and can get your name out there as someone who shares current and important content. It is always worth reading content before you share it! Make sure that the values that are being promoted in it are reflective of yours. The more you share good content, the more others will take interest in what you are doing, which will increase your connections. 

Engage, Engage And Engage Again!

There are some parallels that can be drawn from other social media platforms and engagement is one of those parallels. Engagement is the currency of LinkedIn, like it is on Instagram. The thing about engagement is that it is virtual validation can be given through this and it is something that people like receiving. People enjoy having their posts liked and commented on. 

They enjoy seeing those notifications and realising that people want to engage with them. The more you do this, the more people will do it back to you and connect with you. Engagement isn’t a one-time strategy though, you need to keep on top of it and make sure you are consistently liking and commenting on posts, this keeps you visible. 

Position Yourself As A Subject

Most people write about themselves on LinkedIn as though they are a product, waiting on the shelf to be bought. This gives other the power, whereas it should be residing with you. Write about yourself as though you are a subject. Who are you, why are you in the industry that you are in and what core values do you bring to your work? Develop a narrative around yourself that will make people want to read more. 

When you are doing this, don’t overload on buzz words its an easy trap to fall into and one that you should avoid unless you can really back up what you’re are saying. It may seem like an odd concept building a narrative around yourself, but it will position you as a subject and something to be engaged with rather than a product that is waiting to be sold. You will find that this will increase engagement on your content and help you grow those all-important connections to help you get your name out there. 


Do yourself a favor. Don’t buy LinkedIn connections. It is easy to overlook LinkedIn in favour of the bigger social media platforms, but of if you use LinkedIn properly well, it really can make a tangible difference to your life, unlike Instagram or TikTok, where you’re famous on that platform but doesn’t transcend into real world opportunities. 

Think of yourself as a subject rather than a product and make sure that you are engaging with a whole range of people. You’ll find that the more time you invest in others, the higher the chance that they will return the favour with you. The end result being that you will your connections grow and your name out there. 

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