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We often require the services offered by a professional locksmith. Here we have listed them to let you know whom to call for a specific job.

Types of Locksmith You Can Call For Different Lock Requirements

We often require the services offered by a professional locksmith. However, there is nothing like one fits all. Like doctors specializing in a particular field to become a surgeon, locksmiths also have a few niches to practice and become an expert. 

So, whenever you need to call for a locksmith, don’t forget to inquire about his specialized area. Here we have listed them to let you know whom to call for a specific job. 

  • 24 Hours Emergency Locksmith

Emergencies are always resolved on a priority basis. Similarly, emergency locksmiths come to your place without wondering what time it is as it is their job. Moreover, they specialize in dealing with emergency circumstances, including car or home lockouts, burglary repairs, key cutting, and replacing or reprogramming for lost or stolen keys. 

Always hire a licensed and experienced locksmith for emergency repairs so you can access your property as quickly as possible. 

Being a locksmith, if you have chosen to become an emergency locksmith, be ready to receive a call for service in the late-night hours and on weekends. 

  • Residential Locksmith

Residential locksmiths are the most demanded of all types. Door locks and security systems are an integral part of any residential property. People often require their services for various purposes. They are efficient in providing the following services:

  • Broken keys replacement
  • Lockout solutions
  • Lock repairs or replacement
  • New lock installation
  • Cutting new set of keys
  • Key duplication or rekeying
  • Installation of high-security systems

There may be any reason you would often need to call for a residential locksmith. Therefore, it’s better to save the contact of a reliable residential locksmith. 

  • Commercial Locksmith

Commercial locks and security systems tend to be more complicated. Highly advanced security systems and locks needed to be installed in business or commercial property premises. Break-ins are also common in the company’s safe room, where valuable assets and sensitive data are stored.

A commercial locksmith is highly skilled in providing advanced and the most secure locks and security systems. They can perform jobs like making master keys, keyless entry systems, key-card access, biometric system installation, etc. Commercial locksmiths must be aware of the complex locks and security systems and keep themselves up-to-date on the latest technologies. Because they are meant to provide high-end security solutions to keep their customers’ properties safe. 

  • Automotive Locksmith

Automobile locksmiths are experienced in dealing with a variety of car keys and locks. We often come across situations where we are locked out of the car, get our keys lost or stolen, and sometimes issues like keys stuck in ignition also happen. 

These days, cars have different types of modern and complex keys used to intact their security. To address issues related to car keys, you can’t hire an ordinary residential or commercial locksmith. However, emergency locksmiths can be called out if you are locked out of your car in an unfamiliar street. Automotive locksmiths have the practice of unlocking your car locks if you have lost your keys. Their services include:

  • Cutting new car keys
  • Car keys rekeying
  • Lockout solutions
  • Car keys duplication
  • Keys replacement
  • Repair broken keys and locks
  • Keys reprogramming
  • Repair and removal of keys from broken ignition
  • Forensic Locksmith

Forensic locksmith is an important figure in a crime investigation where they help police know how the culprit entered the crime scene. They are not involved in the typical locksmithing job. Instead, they are responsible for using scientific methods to learn about a particular lock system, security system, and security devices. However, a forensic locksmith needs to have previous experience in their regular locksmith job. Forensic locksmiths can work for agencies investigating crimes, police, private firm, or property owners. Their primary job is to provide information about how the suspect had access to a particular area and tell the weaknesses of the current security system. 

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