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Angular is the new up-and-coming coding language everyone's learning. See why angular is the way of the future and why you should check it out.

Features of Angular and Why Learn it

In today’s ever-changing world of technological advancements, there are many languages, frameworks, apps, tools, and software. People often get overwhelmed by this huge array of choices and it is quite difficult for them to navigate through it. Especially if they are looking for a type of course or training that will help them advance in their career as application or web developers. One such framework is AngularJS and it is quite beneficial for any interested web developer to get an Angular certification. 

What is Angular?

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based structural framework that is used for developing dynamic web applications. It is defined as a platform that makes it easy for people to develop applications with the web. It is an open-source and front-end web framework with its template language being HTML. It is a great framework to develop single-page applications as it provides a framework for model-view-ViewModel and client-side model-view-controller which are both patterns for software designs. Angular is one of the most famous application-developing JavaScript frameworks. 

Features of Angular

Demand is not the only reason for which one should learn Angular. People prefer angular due to the brilliant features it provides for the developers. 

  • Size of coding- Angular is such a framework that developers do not need to write thousands of lines of coding to create something simple. Spending less time and effort while creating something effective is an important feature to have. Angular is able to provide that feature. Model View Controller architecture is supported by Angular due to which all the developer has to do is split their code so that it fits the MVC structure. Angular is then able to take care of the rest. 

  • User-Interface- Angular uses HTML as its user interface which is one of the main reasons why people use Angular.  HTML is a simpler, declarative, and intuitive language. This means that the presentation logic and imperative logic are separated so that it doesn’t create any issues with the program flow and component loading order for the webpage. Angular is able to take care of the rest once the layout of the page and the destination of the data that is being bound is defined. 
  • Versatility- There are many frameworks out there but only those are preferred which can accommodate any of the platforms where applications are needed. Through Angular, one can create desktop applications for MAC, Windows, and Linux. Web applications can also be created and with version five or higher, progressive web applications can be developed which means that these applications will be high functioning and can be worked on while being offline. Mobile applications supported by iOS and Android can also be tackled by Angular. 

Why choose Angular?

People might question the benefits of going through an Angular course and whether it will be worth it or not. Luckily some of the biggest companies use Angular to build their websites. Some of these companies include Google, The Guardian, Nike, PayPal, HBO, Sony, General Motors, and Upwork, to name a few. Statistics say that Angular is preferred for sites with high traffic. So, it is sufficient to say that Angular is in enough of a demand in the world. 

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