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Know about Steps To Make Slideshows Using Templates Available In WPS Office

Alt tag : WPS Office: Slideshows Using Templates

The slide deck, also referred to as an exhibit or slide show, is a set of individual slides utilized to communicate ideas, information or even messages to a crowd. Every drop is typically an array of graphics, text, images, charts, and other multimedia elements arranged chronologically to make a coherent presentation.

Slide decks are frequently employed in various contexts, including educational lectures, business meetings, training sessions, and public speaking. They function as visual aid that can help support the speaker’s message and to inspire the audience. Slides allow presenters to communicate information in a well-organized and appealing manner by breaking the news into separate presentations.

Creating the Slide Deck using templates from WPS Office online is a straightforward and effective procedure. WPS Presentation, the presentation tool that is part of WPS Office, the presentation tool in WPS Office suite, offers an array of pre-designed templates that will create attractive and professional slides. Follow these steps to make slideshows using templates available in WPS Office:

Follow these steps to make slideshows using templates available in WPS Office

Step 1. Start WPS Office Presentation

Launch WPS Office on your computer and, from your dashboard main menu, select “WPS Presentation” to access the presentation tool.

Step 2: Pick the Template

When you enter WPS Presentation, you’ll be presented with a selection of slides. Look through the free weekly planner template and pick the most appropriate to your slideshow’s theme and function.

Step 3: Modify the Template

After choosing a google docs templates, it’s time to modify it to match your content. Change the text placeholders with personal like headings, subheadings, or bullet points. Change the font’s size, style, and color to be consistent with your brand’s tone or style.

Step 4: Add Images and Media

Improve your slide deck by adding graphics, images, and multimedia components. Use the “Insert” tab to add images, forms, charts, videos, and shapes to your slide deck. Photos and visual elements help you convey the message clearly and help make your presentation more attractive.

Step 5: Arrange and Organize Slides

You can organize your content by arranging your slides in logical order. Use “New Slide” to add “New Slide” option to add more drops covering all the information you need to communicate. You can select from a variety of slide layouts that match your content. Already have.

Step 6. Apply transitions and animations

To add professionalism to your slideshow, add the slide deck with transitions. Click on”Transitions,” then click on the “Transitions” tab and choose the desired effect of change. In addition, you can apply animations to the individual elements of your slide, making your presentation appear visual and engaging.

Step 7: Review and Practice

After completing your slide deck, Check the content spelling, content, and presentation flow. It is crucial to ensure that the slide deck is error-free and conveys the purpose of the display. After reviewing your presentation, you can rehearse the slideshow to get acquainted with the production and practice your presentation.

Step 8: Save and share

Then, save your finished slide deck. Select the “File” tab and “Save as” to save the slide deck in the preferred format, for example, PPTX and PDF. Then, you can give the slide deck away to other people by sending the file by email or by uploading the file to a cloud-based storage platform.


Creating a slide deck using templates from WPS Office Presentation is an efficient and quick way to design professional presentations. With the help of pre-designed templates, you are modifying the templates with your own content adding animations, visuals and images to create visually appealing and compelling slides that effectively convey your thoughts and ideas. With the intuitive interface of WPS Office and numerous capabilities, you can build impressive slides that will captivate your viewers and leave an unforgettable impression.

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