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January was a historic month for Bitcoin in more ways than one. Take a look back at the history of the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

Why the month of January proved historic for Bitcoin

It was in January when we saw Bitcoin celebrating its 14th Birthday. So, it’s been almost 13 long years to see the coin dominating the market. Bitcoin has come up in a big way in the past two years. Despite going down in the recent West compared to November 21 when the coin gained 70K USD, the coin is still ahead of other coins. Although one can find Bitcoin becoming a big hit this year, we have gained a good buzz around in January, and one can even see some good rise of the events taking many more people to milestones in the recent past of the coin. Well, it would be exciting to see what went in January this year.

2009 – The Start of the Era 

In Jan 2009, we heard Bitcoin coming for the first time, and the white papers of the coin were published all around. The man behind the coin was Satoshi Nakamoto, and he was seen mining the coin n a big way and later disappeared, making him a mystery man. The month of January witnessed the formal launching of the BTC network apart from the invention part. Just six days later, one can see the coin could carry out the first transaction. However, it is not talked much about in the market. The coin was also seen turning into a significant number now. Here you need to know the things when investing in Bitcoin with your Android device.

2010 – Bringing the first real BTC Purchase 

We all know the story of the computer programmer Laszlo Hanyecz who paid around 10K of BTCs to procure two big-sized pizzas in Florida in May 2010, which is considered the first transaction in such a significant number that took place. It happened when an ad from a pizza store came in the market asking people to procure it at the cost of 1 USD for Bitcoin, and the rest is history. We saw them posting his wallet-based address to merely buying at one go. Two minted batches were seen coming with 50 BTC sent out to the address. The solution comes with the option of buying the wallpaper of the same. The image was seen out in the market, and the community called BitcoinTalk published it, allowing the consumers to use digital coins to get them.

2011 – BTC for NGOs 

In January 2011, one of the known NGOs, called EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), made the history of accepting their donations in the form of Bitcoin. By the end of June 2020, they kept accepting the donations through the platforms like WikiLeaks, and then again, they resumed the donations in May 2013. So, it was yet another historical occurrence that went on to get it in January 2011, and this was when people were able to buy four coins at the cost of around 100 T of Zimbabwe currency using the OTC platform. Today, it continues to grow and become the most significant numeric value traded for BTC.

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Made For TV 

By 2012, we saw Bitcoin starting up to make news worldwide when it came to feature with the show’s third season called The Good Wife. It came up with episode (13) with the title BTC for Dummies. The lawyer came up with the revealing identity to all his clients who have created BTC. The episode on January 15 seemed to have gained around 9.45 M of US viewers watching for one BTC costing you around 6.90 USD. It appeared to be the first example of BTC broadcasted over the mainstream media coming along with news broadcasts.

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Entering the Startup domain

It’s been three years since we went live with Bitcoin claims the community of startups on the web. The initial introduction of investors is seen taking up the notice of BTC-related startup groups. Again, the said month has something exciting to go with the same. One can find the BitPay to emerge as an essential Bitcoin payment option that can help founding it in 2011. It first came up like the first BTC-based startup, and it gained a considerable way minting around 510K USD. In this way, we can make out how January proved historical for this coin.

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