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A Beginners Guide to IQOS

The IQOS device heats real tobacco to provide a familiar smoking experience. It is free from 95% of harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. This innovative device was created to help you transition to conventional cigarettes. It replicates the familiar sensations and tastes.

What’s In The Box?

An IQOS device is required to get started. The newest IQOS model, the DUO 3, is slimmer and discreet. It also has a larger battery that you don’t have to charge between uses.

Your IQOS 3 starter kit includes:

  • The IQOS 3 DUO Holder – This is the main device – we’ll show you how it works soon!
  • The DUO3 Pocket Charger: This handy case charges your IQOS in between uses so that it’s always available.
  • To keep your DUO3 in top shape, you will need a cleaning tool and 10 sticks.
  • A power adapter and charging cable

How Do I Charge My IQOS DUO3?

It’s important to check the battery level in your pocket charger. This kit is vital as it will ensure your IQOS device is always charged up and ready for use. Tap the button at the top to activate the led strip, which will illuminate and show how much battery is remaining.

Two small LED lights will be visible above the pocket charger strip. These LED lights show you the charge status of your IQOS Holder device.

It’s ready to use twice as much if it has two glowing lights. One light indicates that it is ready to use once.

If your holder does not have any lights, it means that the battery is low and must be recharged. The IQOS Pocket Charger can last 20 uses on a single charge.

How Do I Switch My IQOS On?

Once your device has been charged, it’s time to insert a heets stick. You can now remove your IQOS charger from the charger. Slide a HEETS tobacco stick into the holder. Make sure the end that is visible towards the device is facing down.

The stick will be in place when the silver line from the HEETS stick touches the top of your device. When inserting HEETS sticks, be careful not to twist them.

Next, press the activation button twice more. The LED light will slowly flash and you’ll experience a single vibration. This is the device warming up.

Once your IQOS is ready, it will vibrate two times and the lights will glow brightly.

How Do I Inhale?

Start your IQOS experience by placing the tip of your HEETS filter in your mouth. Inhale gently the same way as you would a cigarette. When you inhale, you don’t need to press the button or hold it down (like with a vape pen).

How Long Does Each HEETS Stick Last?

Each HEETS stick can last 14 puffs or for six minutes, depending on when it is used. When there are two puffs left or 30 seconds, your IQOS device will vibrate to indicate that it is still working.

The HEETS stick is now disposed of. HEETS sticks are not recyclable so it’s best to throw away the old one and get a new one.

Slide up the cap on your HEETS stick and pull it out gently.

Each charge will last for 2 HEETS, so make sure you have enough to go around. You can make a habit of returning your IQOS Holder to its pocket charger whenever it isn’t in use. This will ensure that it will always be available for you!

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