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How is IPTV Different from Cable TV: Everything a Business Should Know

We can observe people who stop using cable TV and switch to IPTV services. There are more and more of them. Why is this happening? IPTV offers flexibility and convenience, while cable TV requires a person to adjust to its schedule and format.

Let’s look at the differences between the IPTV business and cable TV in detail.

iptv cable tv

How is IPTV different from cable TV?

#1 IPTV services are cheaper.

The cost of cable bills is usually higher than the fee that IPTV services charge. And people turn to pay less. They would better watch videos on IPTV platforms.

In fact, they don’t lose much because IPTV services can offer the same programs as cable TV. Moreover, they provide viewers with additional functionality that we are going to discuss below.

#2 IPTV services are available on many devices.

If an IPTV business took care of IPTV apps, viewers can watch videos on any device they have: from smartphones to tablets, from Smart TVs to laptops. Some people will need an IPTV encoder so that they can watch videos on their conventional TVs.

Consumers don’t need to obtain new devices to watch their favorite programs. They save more money by that. Also, the capability to operate on many devices reduces family fights over remote control and arguments about who is going to be in charge of a TV.

People can use one service simultaneously and watch what they want on different gadgets. It gives consumers a lot of flexibility, while television programs are played only on TVs.

#3 IPTV service offers flexibility.

Unlike cable TV, where a video is interrupted for several minutes to play ads, IPTV programs can be stopped and rewound. A viewer can get distracted and pause the video to finish their business. For example, to go get a snack.

Also, consumers can skip boring parts or re-watch an interesting scene or dialogue. They can start watching a movie one day and finish it the other day.

With an IPTV service, a user decides how they will watch videos. It is also a pleasure for users when a service can save the moment of a video when a person stopped watching.

iptv cable tv

But we should mention that much depends on the type of IPTV service and what program formats it offers. For example, if there is VOD (video-on-demand) content, viewers will be able to watch these videos anytime they want.

But some programs will be available only for a day or several days. Consumers can download them and watch them later. After some time, a video will disappear. Still, users decide when to watch, while cable TV offers a fixed schedule, and programs are rarely run again.

#4 IPTV offers more varied content.

Cable TV and IPTV services indeed offer a variety of content. From this side, they both have their strengths.

Cable TV sometimes allows consumers to choose what channels to add to their packages. TV programs can stream both programs created by the owner of the channel and programs created by other production companies.

IPTV services, due to their wide capabilities, can offer more varied content from free channels with unlimited access to them. They can stream both live and VOD content.

Final Thoughts

The tendency to cut the cord is spreading throughout different countries. People switch to IPTV services due to their flexibility and convenience.

It is high time to create your IPTV service and stream self-made or licensed content. Contact Setplex for more information. They have everything you need to start your own IPTV business.

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