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iPhone 13 Pro: Problems in iPhone 13 Pro with Solutions

iPhone 13  is Apple’s flagship series of phones and people’s opinion about it has been generally positive. The super retina XDR 120 Hertz OLED display is a jewel of a screen to watch and consume content on. But lately there have been several reports by consumers globally regarding their iPhone 13 pro so today we will try to address some of those problems here. Also on a side note, if you are looking to buy wholesale electronics then check this site out for sure. Let us now begin.

  1. No Ambient Noise Cancellation: If you are switching from an older Apple device to an iPhone 13 pro then you must have been riddled about missing the option to toggle Ambient Noise Cancellation in your settings. Well do not panic, nothing is wrong with your iPhone’s software or hardware, it is because Apple themselves removed this feature.

Apple without giving any reason for this said that Ambient Noise reduction works when you are in a busy and noisy environment and you have to take calls on your phone, but they have now decided to retire this feature from iPhone 13 onwards. An ambient noise reduction works using the two microphones located diagonally in the iPhone’s body and is an effective way to clearly communicate using a phone for those who do not use AirPods yet. If you are in the market to start a new business regarding buying and selling of wholesale iPhone then here is an excellent website to do just that.

  • Low Battery: iPhone 13 pro has a 3095 Mah battery,  which is minuscule when compared to its similar android rivals. But what makes this battery last longer is Apple’s software optimization. You see Apple has a monopoly over its software and hardware both unlike android where the devices are made by someone else and the software by Google. Due to this unique arrangement, Apple could optimize the iPhone’s software to work best with the available hardware and hence achieve such a good battery life despite having a smaller one. 
  • But if you are experiencing unusually high battery usage then first check if this is happening after downloading any particular app or not. Sometimes apps draw up too much power for enabling push notifications and other activities. If the problem persists then close all the background apps and clear the RAM. If it still does not work go to an apple store and tell them to check the battery. Sometimes lithium-ion batteries drain quickly if electrons are at a low level.
  1. Smooth Display Refresh Rate Not Working On Some Apps: Iphone 13 pro has the capability to support 120 Hz display refresh rate for a more smoother effect. However if you cannot use this feature on some apps then check if its a third party app or not, as Apple and other app developers have acknowledged this issue.

Apple has made it their policy that app developers have to specifically declare that their app can support a 120 Hz display refresh rate and then only third-party apps will work on this higher refresh rate otherwise they won’t. Apart from this Apple also acknowledged that some graphic animations are also being buggy for some users so a fix for that will come in the next ios update soon.

  1. Unlock Your iPhone With Apple Watch: Apple had introduced unlocking of your iPhone with an accompanying Apple watch with the iOS 14.5 update. Earlier you had only two options to unlock, either use Touch ID or face unlock but now with the addition of a third mechanism to unlock your iPhone, it became more convenient for users to unlock their iPhone. 

But if you, despite trying every way, simply could not unlock your phone, then this might be an issue with your phone’s software. Apple also acknowledged this issue and hence they have rolled down an update to both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Check to see if you have downloaded it or not. For the iPhone it should have been fixed in the iOS 15.0.1 software update, for the watch it should have been fixed in the watchOS 8 update. If they still persist then take both your iPhone and Apple Watch to the Apple store and get it checked out.


With iPhone 13 pro Apple has leaped quite ahead in terms of technology so it’s possible some of the features might not be working at their best every time, which is why Apple has been pushing so many iOS bug fixing updates. Also Apple has changed their touch digitizer and it might be possible that due to this your device’s touch is freezing and becoming unresponsive at times. If that is the case then go to your nearest Apple service center and get it checked. Iphone’s display is the most expensive item in an iPhone so this is very important to get it checked while under warranty.

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