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iOS14 has caught Apple lovers’ attention with a lot of exciting new features. Here's everything we know about the release date and more.

Everything to know about the iOS14 release date, features, and more

Across the world, everyone has finally been updating their iPhones to the latest iOS. iOS14 has caught Apple lovers’ attention with a lot of exciting new features. Apple knows how to make a pandemic exciting. While we are trapped inside, new customizable features are the perfect distraction for 2020.

Widgets are on Apple users’ minds, but that’s not the only new feature we have been excited for. Security & privacy enhancements for our mobile devices are crucial for all our important data. It’s no surprise that Apple saw the need for better security and has made that a priority for iOS14. 

Since the release date, millions of us have been investigating what’s new for our iPhones & iPads. Here’s the rundown of exactly what Apple has provided.

Lockdown is locked down

Security is important. There’s no denying it, and many of us want the certainty we are protected. So what does iOS14 offer to provide more privacy for Apple users? 

Camera & mic

When on an app like Snapchat or TikTok, you may notice a green/orange dot above your signal indicator. This is to alert you that an app is using or has recently had access to your microphone & camera. Green means camera and orange means microphone. 

This should help keep things a lot more secure. This feature makes it impossible for any app to be recording without your say so. To get more information from the recent camera/microphone access you can open your control center in the top right corner of your screen.

Location, location, location

Access to your photos & location should always be kept under lock & key. Lucky for us, Apple has made sure our secrets are locked away with more privacy measures integrated into iOS14. 

We now have new ways of giving apps permission when accessing our images & location. You can head to Settings and then Privacy & Location Services and select certain apps and check their permissions. You can also toggle this new feature called Precise Location and not allow apps to see exactly where you are but that you’re in the general vicinity. 

You can also check and change which apps can access certain photos on your device.

Secure passwords

Sometimes using the same password for everything may sound tempting. However, as Apple points out in iOS14 – it can lead to disaster. If you go to Settings and then Passwords, you can check all the passwords you have saved to your iCloud, including the ones you’d better change. 

Security Recommendations shows the passwords that could lead to a security breach. Changing passwords has never been easier and now all your accounts in your device are secure.

Making Apple fun

Personalizing your devices with a new wallpaper or ringtone can make your device feel more yours. With iOS14 and its new features, we can customize the home screen like we never could before.


A whole new redesign of widgets for apps we use daily has caused quite a stir amongst Apple lovers. Now our home screens can look completely unique when accompanied with customization apps alongside the widgets Apple has to offer.

Quarantine isn’t so boring when hours can be spent making your phone completely customized. Everyone has been sharing their latest creations on social media. It’s been great to get some inspiration from those online.

Picture in picture

Have you ever been watching something then your mom messages with an emergency. Now you have to choose between finding out what happens next in the video or answering your texts. Not anymore. iOS14 allows iPhone users to enjoy a feature that allows you to see what happens after that all-important cliffhanger.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, & more work with this new update. We have to say it’s one of the best perks for all us bingewatchers. 

A lot more features have been added to iOS14 and we can’t wait to discover each one. What do you love most about the release of iOS14? Does it compare to older operating systems? Make sure to let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @FilmDailyNews.

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