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Technical SEO Challenges

How to Overcome Technical SEO Challenges for Enterprise Websites

It is now a known fact that adopting the correct SEO tactics is the basis of staying ahead in the competitive digital marketing space for every online business. But what about the technical SEO challenges that enterprise websites face, and how can they overcome them to ensure that their SEO strategies bear the right fruit for their business? Taking assistance from any good enterprise SEO company can help you know the exact problem and deal with it effectively. 


Here, the emphasis will be on identifying the main technical SEO challenges and then moving on to how to overcome them.

Common Technical SEO Challenges

Given below are some of the critical challenges you may face:

Your SEO Tactic Does Not Match Your Set Goals

It is highly recommended that you understand and realise that the SEO tactics you employ will benefit your online business. In other words, the SEO tactic should be chosen according to your set goals and objectives. You can get in touch with ecommerce solution provider to get help in this regard. 

Crawl Budget 

Optimizing the crawl budget to enable Google bots to crawl pages of your site is another technical SEO challenge that calls for attention. When the crawl budget gets exhausted, Google bots stop crawling your pages, and this surely impacts the site’s ranking. But the issue is a site having multiple low-value add URLs can easily eat up the crawl budget and negatively impact overall crawling and indexing. This issue can be handled by creating 301 redirects to pages the visitor is looking for. 

The Challenge of Canonical Tags

Canonical tags have the power to influence the technical SEO of any site as they work as hints for search engines that whether a page is a sub-part of another, separate primary page. Having too many, almost identical pages may make search engines ignore all the canonical tags you specify. Also, for enterprise sites, when there is a huge number of similar appearing pages, the amount for Google crawl can just double for them.


This is a commonly used SEO tactic, but it can sometimes lead to severe challenges for enterprise websites if not used with caution. A pagination is an approach in which product-related details or content is provided across a series of pages. It is adapted mainly by e-commerce sites and new sites to declassify product information to make it easier and digestible.

But, due to a lack of proper knowledge about the site’s architecture, this can result in poor ranking. Also, duplicate content creation due to inadequate canonical tagging and pagination can attract adverse SEO results for the site. You can solve this issue by ensuring that all pages’ views consist of self-referencing canonical tags.

Keywords Challenge 

Not probing over the primary keywords that customers use while finding your product and randomly picking keywords is another technical challenge to which enterprises should pay attention. Doing the keyword research properly will allow you to get the desired SEO rankings, and hence you should not take this very lightly. Not identifying the proper keywords and not using them correctly throughout the website is a big mistake.

Inefficient Website Structuring 

Another important aspect of successfully applying SEO tactics is ensuring that the website design is efficient and correct. If your website load time does not pass Google’s Quality Filter Check, then you need to reassess the structuring of your website. And for proper crafting of SEO Keywords, you must always keep your SEO goals and objectives in mind.

Identifying and planning the scalability of an enterprise website and putting efforts and funds into the correct pockets should also be treated with the utmost consideration. 

How to Overcome the Technical SEO Challenges?

  • Assess and identify the SEO tactic that is working for you. This is very important and calls for continuous scrutiny. Trying out a combination of strategies will help you understand which is fetching results for your website.
  • Also, investing in the right tools and software to handle SEO efforts effectively will help you overcome the challenges you are facing with your enterprise website. Using blogs and social media as tools for promoting your website can help your business by attracting a greater number of potential customers.
  • And you can always seek professional SEO marketing help from SEO firms. Their expertise in SEO handling will help your enterprise score new heights.
  • You can also try to improve the overall ranking of your website and offer a better user experience by including certain design elements in your SEO campaigns.
  • Make use of link building to overcome the challenge your website is facing concerning keyword research. This is because websites with backlinks can help achieve higher rankings as they are considered more relevant and trustworthy.
  • Opt for a proper SEO audit and find the real problem to treat it with the most suitable solution. SEO audits are effective in identifying the technical challenges that enterprise websites are encountering and overcoming the same.


Transparent allocation of tasks for vital departments like content writing, backlink, design, and technical SEO can help you overcome all challenges the website is facing. Winning over customer trust and loyalty requires a continuous and streamlined effort. Identifying the website challenges and eliminating them will help you enjoy long-term benefits. 

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