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If you find you are not being as productive as you like to work out of your home office, these handy productivity tips are for you:

How to Get More Done In Your Home Office – Pro Tips on Boosting Productivity

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we work, live, and play. While earlier remote working tended to be a perk for the privileged few, it is now the norm for many employees. While there are plenty of benefits of working from home, like reduced commuting time, savings on expenses on meals and gas, and the sheer comfort, you also need to contend with the distractions of home and family. If you find you are not being as productive as you like to work out of your home office, these handy productivity tips are for you:

Set Yourself Up For Productivity

Unless you are one of the few with the luxury of being able to set up a large home office surrounded by tranquility, you will need to learn how to deal with the various distractions, temptations, and disturbances abounding in a typical home. You must try to identify a quiet room, preferably with windows, and a door you can keep shut. According to Forbes, sunlight streaming into the office can make a big difference to your level of alertness. Also, give yourself sufficient space to work in with a large desk and a comfortable and ergonomic chair. Consider a standing desk if you find sitting for long tiring.

Get Rid of Clutter

You must not let household belongings and office clutter overtake your home office. Every morning, spend a few minutes organizing your office and getting rid of unnecessary stuff like books, coffee cups, newspapers, or other household items. Keep your paper consumption to a minimum by working on the computer and not printing paper records to store or send to others. If you receive paper documents, trash the ones you do not need and scan the rest to convert them into electronic documents, which you can store locally or on the cloud. Advanced document management software is best for making your office paperless.

Work Purposefully and Be Tough With Distractions

Start your day with an agenda. Make a list of things you need to do and allocate priorities to each activity. Make sure you have everything you need to complete the tasks. You should not keep checking your email but read and respond to your emails three times a day; in the morning, after lunch, and at the end of the day. Do not entertain family, friends, and neighbors, who may have the impression you have all the time in the world to chat with them because you have not stepped out for work. Set your boundaries, and after some time, you will find people respecting them.


The biggest productivity killer is considering your office as an extension of your home. Set a disciplined schedule, including a proper lunch break. Start working at a set time and wind up at a fixed time every day. Take the time to go outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and engage in a fitness regimen. Making time to relax, fulfilling your social obligations, and pursuing your interests will do wonders for your work-life balance, reduce physical and mental stress, and allow you to be more productive.

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