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How to fix 5 common headphone problems

The most common headphones problems and how to fix them

Headphones are an invaluable part of modern living. Studio-grade headphones create a peaceful atmosphere by blocking out ambient noise, while wireless headsets let you take care of other things at the same time. Additionally, they improve the sound quality of calls both for the user and the other party. Wear headphones anywhere – in your home, at the gym, or on your way to work – to enjoy music, podcasts, e-books, or TV shows without disruptions. The latest versions even feature active noise cancellation for added seclusion from the outside world.

The use of headphones has become a crucial everyday accessory for most of us. In order to get back to your routine with your favorite soundtrack, we have identified 5 common headphone problems and how to fix them so you can get back to your routine!

1) There is no sound

One of the most common issues with headphones is no sound. Being cut off from music when you need it most is frustrating.

In most cases, this does not mean that your headphones are broken. Here are some possible reasons:

Your headphones might not be connected to the audio source.

There is a problem with your headphone battery.

Make sure your headphones are not on mute if they have a volume dial.

You have muted your audio source.

Check with your headphone manufacturer about their warranty period and claim new headphones if your warranty is still valid if none of these problems are the cause.

2) Issues with connectivity

Connectivity issues are a common occurrence when using Bluetooth headphones, but there are ways you can troubleshoot. To start, ensure that your headphones are fully charged; the majority of headphone cases have a battery indicator. Next, activate pairing mode on your headphones and attempt to connect them with your audio source. If connecting to a smartphone, try the ‘Forget Device’ option from its Bluetooth settings and reconnect. Additionally, make sure any existing Bluetooth devices near you phone are disconnected.

3) There is only one working side of the headphones

With wired headphones, the problem is more common. It is usually caused by bent wires. It can also occur due to improper storage of headphones. It can also be caused by dust accumulation. You can get a can of compressed air to blow out any excessive dust accumulated in the headphones carefully. In case this happens with your wireless headphones, you can try reconnecting them using the instructions above.

4) Problems with pairing

Even the most premium wireless headphones can have pairing issues with your audio source. If this happens, make sure that your headphones are compatible with your device and update your Android/IOS version. If you have JBL earbuds which have an issue of pairing then you must read this guide of how to pair jbl earbuds

5) The sound quality is poor

If you have a wired headphone set, you may encounter this problem due to a damaged headphone jack. Check to ensure that the headphone jack fits snugly.

Keep other electronic devices away from your wireless headphones to avoid poor sound quality caused by electronic interference.


No matter what the situation, a sudden headphone breakdown can be a frustrating inconvenience. You should consider the wide range of beyerdynamic India headphones if you want high-quality headphones constructed with advanced technology and the best materials. Having replaceable parts allows Beyerdynamic headphones to last for many years.


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