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How to Effectively Prepare for the Math Section of CUET?

The Common University Entrance Test, or CUET, is a national-level entrance exam for admissions into top central universities in India. If you have been planning to appear for the CUET 2023 exam, you must take a look at the important subjects in the exam. Mathematics is one of the mandatory subjects in the CUET exam, and you must develop in-depth fluency in required concepts. 

The mathematics syllabus for CUET exam can be intimidating for a few candidates. However, you don’t have to worry about the mathematics portion of CUET when you have a strategic preparation plan. Let us review the best practices to prepare for the mathematics section of CUET in the following post.

How Can You Prepare for Mathematics Syllabus of CUET?

The CUET exam offers an effective avenue for undergraduate learners to pursue graduation courses and higher studies in central universities. Interestingly, the total number of applications for CUET in 2022 was 15 lakhs. Therefore, you can expect significantly higher levels of competition in CUET 2023. Aspiring candidates have to step up their efforts in preparing for the mathematics section of the entrance test. Here are some of the best practices for exam preparation which can ensure your success in CUET 2023. 

  • Study the Syllabus

The foremost requirement in preparations for any examination focuses on a detailed review of the syllabus. You can find the CUET mathematics syllabus on the official website of the National Testing Agency or NTA. The syllabus for mathematics in CUET involves two distinct sections, which are equally important for candidates. 

The first section, i.e. Section A, is a compulsory section, and the second section, i.e. Section B, includes two sub-categories. Section B1 focuses on mathematics, while Section B2 focuses on applied mathematics. A detailed review of the units and chapters in each section offers a clear impression of what you need for your preparations.

  • Understand the Exam Pattern

The next noticeable highlight in your exam preparations for CUET mathematics syllabus is the exam pattern. You can find 15 compulsory questions from Section A, focused on mathematics as well as applied mathematics. 

Sections B1 and B2 include 35 questions each, and you have to complete 25 questions in each section. Awareness of the exam pattern helps in defining the ideal approach to your preparations for the CUET exam. 

  • Structured and Planned Timetable 

The most important tool for supporting your CUET exam preparations is a timetable. You can find a broad range of chapters in the mathematics section of the CUET syllabus. Therefore, you must create a timetable according to the different topics you have to learn for the exam. The timetable helps you allocate time to different chapters according to their importance. 

On top of it, the timetable could help in determining the time you require for learning mathematics to appear for the CUET exam. At the same time, you can also figure out the time required for practising and revision the important topics. 

  • Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The timetable for your preparations will only offer a plan for succeeding in the CUET exam. However, you have to invest dedicated efforts in enhancing your preparations. How? The best answer would guide you towards the necessity of identifying your strengths and weaknesses. 

Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses in mathematics syllabus for CUET could help you prioritize chapters. You need to add extra time and effort in preparing for the topics which you find difficult to understand. 

  • Consistency, Accountability and Practice

The final and most important recommendations for ensuring your success in the mathematics section of CUET exam point to consistency and practice. Candidates should maintain consistency in following the timetable for preparations alongside maintaining accountability. If you miss your lessons for one day, you must be prepared to invest additional efforts the next day to catch up with the syllabus. 

Above everything else, you should pay attention to regular practice of every topic. Practice helps you memorize the topics easily with an in-depth conceptual understanding of every chapter. 

Are You Ready to Appear for CUET 2023?

The best practices recommended for your CUET exam preparations in mathematics can guide you towards success. Starting from a review of the syllabus and exam pattern to preparation of a study plan and practice, candidates have to go through a rigorous journey. However, the opportunities for admission to reputed universities serve as motivation for making your way to success in CUET exam. Learn more about the exam and how to prepare for CUET 2023 right now. 

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