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You need to build a website to be competitive in 2021, but what should you include when creating your site? Here are the top 10 trends to watch for.

What are the top ten web hosting trends?

Web hosting is one of the most important things for online businesses. Thus, it is imperative that the right web hosting service is hired. These services are also adopting new techniques and features. Therefore, you should always choose a company which is compliant with the recent trends in the market. 

It necessarily means that it is always a good idea to be familiar with the web hosting trends in the market. It enables you to make the right choice as well. Nevertheless, here are the top ten web hosting trends this year:

1. Green web hosting    

Green web hosting is now becoming a new trend in the cyber field. It is a major step towards reducing environmental pollution and conserving energy. Hosting industries are adapting to greener methods in order to reduce carbon footprint. 

Website and the data related thereto are stored in centers of data. These centers are to be maintained in a cool environment. This is to ensure that the data is stored in a protected and safe manner. In maintenance of such data centers, a huge amount of carbon is released. 

Companies are now using greener methods while maintaining the data centers which is a great step.

2. Cloud hosting

This is another major trend which has emerged in the market. It is an entirely distinct area of creativity and innovation within the field. Rather than one single server, the data of the website is stored on distinct servers. Such servers are situated physically in different locations and are connected with each other through the Internet. Thus, cloud hosting is now much more convenient. The data is processed in a faster manner, there is more storage space and it also replaces the need for having individual physical servers. 

3. HTTPs is the new norm

If you are familiar with the new update on Google, you will see that websites that do not contain HTTPs are labeled as not secure. This means that the reliability, authenticity, credibility and rating of the website is negatively impacted. All this has a detrimental influence on the rankings and website traffic. If you use HTTPs, there are multiple benefits. For instance, you can build trust with the visitors. It will also increase the ranking of the website. It also ensures that the website remains as safe as possible. Thus, you should follow the new trend. 

4. CMS backup

One of the most important things when it comes to a website is taking backup. It is of paramount importance. Backup of the website information can be done on a manual basis. However, web hosting companies now offer automated processes through which backups are made easily and more conveniently. Some web hosting companies provide administration of backup which are reliant on CMS. This backup means that only the most significant data  has been backed up. It is one of the most basic trends in the market which is followed by a variety of professionals which include

5. DIY website

“Do It Yourself” is the new trend. It has even entered the field of website development and hosting. It permits you to make your website and deal with the same as per your own preference and demands. All the components of the website can be relocated as per your own needs. There are many online tools which enable you to make your own website. These tools are simple to use and productive at the same time. Thus, website development is now much easier than it used to be, which is a positive trend gradually emerging in the market. 

6. Better security features

One of the major reasons people want to hire professional web hosting companies is that they provide better security features. This is something that you will not get with free options. Providing clients with digital security is one of the most important things which is needed. The trends are now changing and due to the advancement in technology, web hosting companies are now able to provide better security features to their customers. 

7. Managed services

Another trend which is gradually emerging in the field of web hosting is the inception of managed web hosting companies. Managed services are more personalized, customized and catered to the specific needs and preferences of the customers. In fact, it provides a smoother running for the processes. Given that the industry itself is shifting towards the more customer oriented approach, this is one of the trends that every customer or potential customer should eagerly look forward to. 

8. Competition in pricing

The need for web hosting is increasing at a rapid pace. This means that competition is also increasing when it comes to pricing. The companies are getting extremely competitive. In fact, price is now a major consideration for customers while hiring companies. Potential customers are looking out for platforms which provide the lowest price. The trend is now changing to cheaper prices and better quality. Thus, while hiring any service, you should consider this trend. 

9. Additional services

Gone are the days while you would hire web hosting companies, it would only be limited to the role of web hosting. The trends have changed now. There is a concept of additional services which are essentially extra to the core service. It attracts more customers for the companies. By doing so, not only the customers are benefiting but the companies are able to attract more customers and enhance their service and brand reputation. It is one of the finest trends that is helping the industry as a whole. 

10. Market targeting

Web hosting companies need to preserve their old customers and get newer ones in order to survive within the competition. There is no doubt that one web hosting company cannot satisfy all the customers in the market. This is where the concept of market targeting comes into play. Certain segments of the market are targeted by certain web hosting companies and this is how the industry is being run. 

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