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Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus – Best Professional Video Stabilizers in 2022

If you want to record your sports adventures, or take photos making the most of everything your mobile is capable of, it will be important that you pay attention to stabilization. It is something so important that it will make your videos look spectacular or simply impossible to watch.

And it is that video stabilizers, like those of DJI, are the perfect accessory for a smartphone or a next-generation action camera, now that we can almost always shoot video in 4K and that it is easier than ever to always get images in focus.

In this post I will talk about Hohem stabilizers, a Chinese brand that has managed to launch models at a very low price so that we can record spectacular videos for less than $100. Be careful because there are several models and I will tell you the differences between all of them. Let’s go there!

How to choose a gimbal to record stabilized videos?

Gimbals are devices with quite complex technology, which includes gyroscopes and algorithms that detect in which direction we are moving the camera to counteract all our movements. Therefore, it is important that you take into account the following tips when buying a stabilizer for cameras:

– The number of axes will be essential. Depending on the number of axes in which a gimbal can stabilize, our videos will be more fluid or less stable. The maximum is three, although there are economic models with two axles.

– The highest quality stabilizers are electronic, and these have built-in batteries that should have enough capacity to record for at least an hour.

– It is important that our gimbal supports the weight of the device that we will use to record. If we use smartphones or GoPro cameras there will be no problem, but be careful when choosing a gimbal to use with a Reflex camera, since it will have to support a weight of at least 500 grams.

– Some gimbals incorporate other extra functions, such as a button to shoot, or a joystick to control the direction of recording.

– In some cases the gimbal will be compatible with tripods and flash shoes.

In the case of Hohem, what we have are several generations of gimbals that have been updated to achieve a high-quality device, capable of giving us almost professional results. And this applies to all of its gimbals, since today it has a fairly wide range of devices geared towards action cameras, smartphones, SLR and digital cameras.

Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus, the best 3-axis gimbal 

One of the Hohem products that I liked the most was their  Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus. This device is a three-axis stabilizer compatible with almost all iPhones on the market, since it has good weight support. What I highlight about this Hohem is its excellent stabilization and its ability to control our mobile through a joystick. It also integrates a tripod that we can place in its lower part.

The manufacturer announces this Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus as an ultralight folding gimbal that can be stored in our pocket or backpack, without taking up too much space.

The Hohem Mobile Plus is a stabilizer of only 1.07 pounds, which is quite light in the hand even if we have our phone mounted. In the box we find the gimbal, a transport bag made of fabric, a mini tripod, a strap that we can use to hold the stabilizer, and the charging cable.

I was surprised to see how compact the iSteady Mobile Plus is, and you only have to open the box to check it out, since it comes folded as standard. This mechanism uses different locks that are perfectly marked on the surface of the gimbal, and we will have to turn the different axes so that the stabilizer is free and usable.

Although the mechanism may seem somewhat cumbersome, the truth is that the process of unlocking the gimbal is very simple. On the front we find a joystick, capable of turning the phone in one direction or another, and two buttons: one will allow you to switch between photo and video recording, and the other will rotate the phone to record horizontally or vertically.

The charging port is located on the side of the gimbal, and a fairly fast USB-C cable is used. On the opposite side we find a zoom adjustment that can zoom in or out of the lens magnification.

The battery of this Hohem iSteady X lasts 12 hours of recording, and can be charged in just 2 hours. We also find four leds that will be important to put the gimbal into operation. Not only do they light up when we turn on the gimbal, but they will also tell us if the bluetooth connection is activated or not.

This gimbal is only active when the phone is correctly leveled, and it will turn off if it detects that the weight is excessive or our smartphone is not very focused. When placing our phone on the gimbal, we will have to do it with the correct orientation: the iSteady Mobile Plus only works when the camera is on the left side of the joystick, but this is clearly indicated on the gimbal itself and is intuitive.

I highly recommend this Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus smart gimbal, and it is also the No. 1 best-seller in the category on Amazon. Come and get one for yourself.

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